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How to repair heat damage on countertops E-mail
Repairing  heat damage on your kitchen countertop can be a quite tricky business. The likelihood of removal will depend on the severity of heat damage. However, if heat damage is too deep and has penetrated the material from which the kitchen countertop is made, you will have to either replace it or find clever ways to cover the heat damage. If you want to repair heat damage on a laminate countertop, you will have to provide yourself with water, mild soap, white toothpaste, a soft scrub with bleach, a soft cloth and a scrub brush. Start by using the mild soap and soft cloth in order to remove the discoloration from the surface of the kitchen counter top. Next, you will have to apply the toothpaste to the surface affected by heat damage and allow it to set for a couple of minutes. Scrub this whole area with the scrub brush and wipe it clean with water and a soft cloth. Repeat the move as necessary until the heat damage is removed.

If you want to repair heat damage on a solid surface countertop, you will have to provide yourself with a soft brush, a fine-grit sandpaper, a specific cleaner for your specific countertop type, some polish and water. Begin by cleaning the whole area with a specific cleaner that was designed for your countertop type. Doing this first will allow you to get maximum repairing. Next, you will have to take the sandpaper and use it in order to gently rub the area affected by heat damage. Keep in mind to only sand the surface enough to treat the heat damage. Don't sand the surface outside the affected area because you will remove the sealer or finish of the countertop. You will have to clean the area again by using the specified cleaner and polish it.

If you want to repair heat damage on a porcelain countertop, you will have to provide yourself with baking soda, a soft cloth, a specified cleaner for the porcelain countertop – you can find this cleaner at almost any local store, a scrub brush, mild soap and water. Keep in mind that a porcelain countertop has a polished finish that is very likely to become dulled after treating the heat damage. Start by using the mild soap and soft cloth in order to remove the discoloration from the surface of the kitchen countertop. Next, you will have to mix water with the baking soda in order to create a paste that will be used in order to repair the heat damage. Apply a layer of this paste right on the affected area, rub in gently and allow the applied paste to set for several minutes.

Then, scrub the affected area lightly by using the soft cloth. Keep in mind that the paste can be rather abrasive and you must not rub too hard in order to avoid further damage to the finish of the porcelain countertop. Wipe the whole area with water and a soft cloth and apply the specified cleaner and scrub the area in case that the heat damage hasn't been removed yet. When damage is repaired, you will have to clean the countertop with mild soap and water in order to remove possible cleaning residues.                 

How to avoid discoloration and damage to countertops E-mail
There is a wide range of general guidelines that should be followed in order to care for a kitchen countertop. Here are some of the most efficient ones that hopefully will help you prolong the life of this kitchen item. Start by removing the stains and discolorations. A sponge and soap water will be enough in order to remove the simple stains. For the more stubborn ones, you should use Soft-Scrub and blue Scotch-Brite pad. The Soft-Scrub is to be applied to the kitchen countertop. Next, you will have to scrub the stained area by using circular motions and the blue pad. Both of these cleaning substances can be found at the local stores. Keep in mind that you really need to scrub by using circular motions and finish the whole process by using a sanding pad in a circular pattern.

A  kitchen countertop can also be affected by extreme heat even if such a solid surface material is likely to withstand extreme heat better than other surface materials. However, you should keep in mind that a kitchen countertop can be damaged by electric frying pans, hot pans, croc-pots, waffle irons and other kitchen appliances that generate extreme heat. In order to prevent the heat damage of your kitchen countertop, you should use a trivet together with a rubber feet placed right between the kitchen countertop and the hot appliance.

In most cases, the solid surface of the countertop can be properly repaired if damaged. But you must make sure that you are following all the necessary guidelines in order to achieve the wanted results and prevent further or future damage to your kitchen countertop. Start by avoiding to expose your kitchen countertop to extremely strong chemicals such as cleaners or paint removers. If this direct contact occurs, you will have to quickly flush the whole surface of the kitchen countertop with water in order to remove the stains and avoid a possible discoloration of the solid surface. If you stain your kitchen countertop with a substance such as nail polish, you will have to remove this stain by using a non-acetone-based substance/nail remover and flush the whole surface with water.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you must not cut directly on the kitchen countertop because, by doing so, it is more likely to damage its surface. Remember to use a resistant cutting board in order to protect your kitchen countertop. Use a hot pad or a trivet with legs in order to place it right under every hot producing appliance. Scratches and cuts can also be removed. For the minor blemishes and scratches, you should use the same cleaning system as in the case of the stubborn stains. But if you are dealing with deeper scratches, you will have to sand the affected area with a green and Scotch-Brite pad and you will have to do it in a circular motion. Use an abrasive cleanser such as Ajax.

You will have to scrub until all the stubborn scratches are gone.  Start by applying  a heavy pressure on the Scotch-Brite and gradually use a lighter and lighter pressure.  Next, you will have to sand the surface with a maroon and Scotch-Brite pad and use a circular motion by applying a lighter pressure and covering a larger area than the one you have previously sanded. Blend this whole sanded area with the rest of the countertop surface and polish it with a Soft-scrub and a blue and Scotch-Brite pad.  Buff the surface by using a sanding paper. Sand the surface in a circular motion and do this progressively, by using less and less force and pressure. Remember to wipe off the whole surface between the sanding steps and finish everything by polishing the countertop with a substance especially formulated for this such as Countertop Magic.

Repairing burn marks on a countertop E-mail
Removing burn marks from your kitchen countertop is not an impossible task, even if it may seem so. Once you provide yourself with the correct tools, you will be able to get rid of almost every burn mark. If you have a laminate countertop, you should go for a soft scrub (using bleach), a soft cotton cloth, white toothpaste, an old toothbrush and water. You can repair the burning marks from your laminate countertop by following the next steps: apply a layer of toothpaste right onto the burn mark, let it sit there for 5-10 minutes and use the toothbrush in order to scrub the burned area. Next, wipe this area with some water and the soft cotton cloth.

Keep in mind that you can proceed to the following step only if you don’t manage to remove the burn mark.  If the mark hasn’t been removed yet, you will have to apply the soft scrub right to the laminate countertop and use the toothbrush in order to scrub the burned area. Keep in mind to use just a fair amount of force. This step is to be repeated as often as necessary in order to have the burn mark removed. Wipe the area clean by using the cloth and some water once you see that the mark has been removed.

Another way to get rid of the burn marks and provide your countertop with a professional finish is by following the next steps. Provide yourself with the necessary materials - Trisodium Phosphate, alcohol wash, putty, melamine paint, a sponge and a roller. Start by assesing the damage – asses the severity and size of the burn mark. For instance, you can simply disguise a smaller mark but a burn mark that is larger than the size of your palm could be too big for you to hide and you will have to replace your countertop. If you decide that the burn mark is small enough in order for you to remove it, you will have to clean that surface with Trisodium Phosphate. By doing this, you will make sure that the countertop is free from grease. Otherwise, grease can interfere with your paint products.

Next, you will have to sand the stained area and you will have to do this by hand because a sanding machine is likely to be too vigorous for your kitchen counter table. Sand the countertop gently and slowly in order for the stained area to be removed. If the burn is deeper, you will have to gouge out the affected area by using a screwdriver. You must be extremely careful when trying to do this in order not to cause further damage. The gap must be filled with a putty that has the same color as the rest of the countertop.  You will have to wipe off any excess of putty. Let the putty dry and sand the area until it become flat. Next, you will have to clean that area by using an alcohol wash. If the putty hasn’t the exact same color as the rest of the countertop, you will have to paint it over. Take the melamine paint and have it applied with a roller. Let the paint dry before you place other kitchen items on that part of the countertop. 

If your kitchen countertop is made of porcelain, you should add some water to baking soda in order to create a paste that can be used in order to remove the burn marks. Next, you will have to rub this paste onto the mark you want to remove and leave it there for about 10 minutes. Use the toothbrush in order to rub the stained area free of the mark. However you shouldn’t apply too much force when it comes to rubbing the stained area because the baking soda you use is a rather abrasive material and it can scratch your porcelain countertop. Wash the area with water and a soft cloth.  

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Kitchen Countertop Ideas E-mail

One of the most popular trends in home improvement today is do it yourself home improvement projects.  Do it yourself projects save money and provide an outlet for the homeowner’s creativity and designing skills.  There are many kitchen countertop ideas that can be used by the homeowner as a do it yourself project to enhance the look of the kitchen in their home.

Some of the most popular kitchen countertop ideas involve refurbishing an existing countertop to change the look or the style of the countertop.  This is especially true when it comes to laminate kitchen countertops as these can be refurbished in a matter of hours and changed to virtually any color or style imaginable.  Refurbishing an existing countertop is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new countertop and can be done whenever the homeowner wishes.

Deciding to refurbish an existing countertop leads to other kitchen countertop ideas and decisions.  The homeowner will need to decide what type of materials to use on the countertop, such as laminate sheets or ceramic tiles.  They will also have to decide on a color or pattern to use on the countertop to create their unique design.

There are many different resources that a homeowner can use to get kitchen countertop ideas for the countertops in their home.  Many homeowners turn to home improvement and home design magazines to see styles that others are using that could be adapted to their home.  Others prefer to look up styles on the internet, which will often include instructions on how to complete the design.

If the homeowner is not confident in their design skills, they can always hire a professional to come up with kitchen countertop ideas for them.  Some individuals choose to consult with an interior designer while others choose to consult a countertop manufacturer to see what their options are for creating a unique, custom countertop.  Although this option can be expensive, the homeowner is assured of kitchen countertop ideas that fit their needs and their style.

Kitchen countertop ideas are easy to imagine but can be difficult to execute into a final project.  If the person is a beginner and does not know much about creating a custom countertop, it will be best if they stick to simple ideas to ensure that they are not getting in over their head with their project.  Tips and tricks for creating the perfect countertop can be found on the internet to assist the homeowner with any difficulties that they may have and if they project becomes too much for them, they can always hire a contractor to finish the job.

Creating A Unique Kitchen Counter Top E-mail

There are many individuals interested in the best ways to make their home look unique.  They want to showcase their personality and personal style in their home in such a way that their home displays to everyone else the type of individuals that live there.  In many homes, the kitchen is one of the focal points of the home and nothing creates a unique kitchen look like the addition of a unique kitchen counter top.

Creating a unique kitchen counter top is not difficult because there are several different ways that it can be accomplished.  If the homeowner is not “mechanically inclined” and does not wish to make the counter top themselves, then there are many ways available to purchase a counter top that is right for their needs.  If the homeowner does not want to spend the money to purchase a new counter top, they can save a bundle by refurbishing an existing counter top or creating a new counter top as a do it yourself project.

Many kitchen counter tops made out of stone are unique because the stone used in the creation of the counter top has different colors and patterns in each slab of stone.  These counter tops are highly polished to bring out the natural beauty of the stone and are sealed to ensure that the stone remains lovely and stain free.  If choosing a countertop made out of stone, it may be prudent to obtain extra stone to replace part of the counter top in case it is ever damaged as it may be very difficult to match in the future.

Some individuals use ceramic tiles to create a unique kitchen counter top for their home.  There are two ways to obtain this type of counter top.  One way is to hire an individual to translate the design desired by the homeowner into a pattern and create the counter top for the kitchen from that pattern.  If the individual would like to save money, it is fairly simple to create the tile pattern and lay the tiles for the counter top themselves.

Other ways of obtaining a unique kitchen counter top includes purchasing a laminated counter top with a unique design.  Laminated counter tops come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to ensure that homeowners will be able to find one that they like for their home.  There are literally thousands of different laminate materials available, so it is very unlikely that the pattern that you have chosen for your home is the same pattern that has been chosen by anyone else that you know.

Choosing The Right Counter Tops For Your Home E-mail

One of the most important places in the home is the kitchen and some of the most important items in the kitchen are the counter tops.  The counter tops that are placed in the kitchen provide a focal point for the kitchen and are often the most used surfaces in the entire kitchen.  For many homeowners, the décor of the kitchen is based on the style and color of the kitchen counter top so it is important to choose the counter tops that are right for your home.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a kitchen counter top is how much money you would be willing to spend on the countertop.  Kitchen counter tops come in a wide range of different materials and each different material comes with a different price tag.  Stone counter tops are generally the most expensive and laminate counter tops are generally the least expensive to purchase and install in the home.

Another thing that must be considered is the size of your kitchen.  Wide, dominating counter tops will look out of place in a small kitchen area and skinny, small counter tops in a larger, open kitchen area will look just as bad.  Before shopping for new counter tops, it is very important to measure the kitchen area and the counter tops already installed in the kitchen so that you will know what size counter tops to shop for.

If you do not intend on replacing or staining the cabinetry in the kitchen, then the color of the cabinets will need to be taken into account when choosing a new kitchen counter top.  Cabinets that are light colored can be paired with any dark or light counter top color that will not clash with the color of the cabinets.  Cabinetry that is dark colored will generally go well with a dark colored counter top, with light colored walls to create a dramatic contrast within the kitchen area.

Individuals that have a wide open kitchen area, often part of the dining room, or individuals that are remodeling their kitchen from the bare walls will also have to decide what the shape of their kitchen counter tops will be.  Some individuals prefer the look of rounded counter top corners over the traditional squared edges and some individuals choose new shapes altogether.  There are many different choices to make when choosing a new kitchen counter top and each decision should be made carefully to ensure that you are getting the best countertop for your needs.

Changing The Look Of Your Kitchen With A New Countertop E-mail

Many individuals are interested in remodeling their kitchen, but to not want to spend a great deal of money replacing everything in the kitchen with new items.  A kitchen can be given an entirely new look by replacing the kitchen countertop and painting the walls a different color.  For a fraction of the cost of remodeling the entire kitchen, you can create a new and unique kitchen design for your home.

There are many different ways for a homeowner to obtain a new type of kitchen countertop for their home.  There are pro and cons to each option and the option that is chosen will depend on a number of different criteria that will have to be carefully considered by the homeowner.  Ultimately the decision will hinge on what type of countertop the homeowner is interested in, the budgeted amount that they are willing to spend, and how much work the homeowner will want to put into replacing the kitchen countertop.

The easiest, but most expensive, option is to hire a contractor to replace your kitchen countertops.  Because contractors are very experienced in doing this type of work, the countertop chosen can typically be installed in a matter of hours and the homeowner can rest easy knowing that the countertops were installed correctly by a trained professional.  Hiring a contractor can cost a lot of money over and above what was spent to purchase the countertop and some people don’t like the thought of strangers being in their home for an extended period of time.

Some homeowners choose to special order their new kitchen countertops and install the countertops themselves once all of the items have been delivered to their home.  The countertops that are sold in this manner are generally of high quality and the manufacturer ensures that they will be easy for the homeowner to put together in the home.  These countertops can generally be installed using common household tools and everything else that is needed, such as adhesives and screw, will be included in the package with the countertop.

Another option for homeowners is make a do-it-yourself project out of remodeling the countertop in the kitchen.  Many home improvement stores will have a number of different countertop options to choose from and the sales personnel in the store will be able to advise you on what other items will be needed, such as the size of the screws or which adhesives will work the best with the countertop that you have.  The homeowner may choose to purchase a new countertop or simply refinish the countertop that is already installed in the home.  Although this option is the least expensive, it requires the most work on the part of the homeowner.

Creating A Marble Tile Kitchen Countertop E-mail
Many people that are thinking about remodeling their kitchen would love the look of a marble countertop in their kitchen, but believe that the cost of purchasing and having a marble countertop professionally installed is much too great for them to purchase one.  There is a way for many people to create a marble countertop for their kitchen which incurring a great deal of expense or having to have the countertop professionally installed.  Marble tiles are available that can be laid on a countertop surface to give the appearance of a beautiful marble kitchen countertop.

Marble is a popular material for kitchen countertops not only because it is a beautiful natural stone material, but because the properties of the marble make it a near perfect material for a kitchen countertop.  Marble is naturally heat resistant and is water resistant when properly sealed.  Marble is also easy to clean and if spills are wiped up quickly, the material will not stain.
Information About A Granite Countertop Installation E-mail
One of the most popular types of kitchen countertops today is the granite countertop, with thousands of granite countertops being installed in homes across the country each year.  Granite is one of the most expensive materials to create a kitchen countertop out of, but the properties of the granite make it one of the best materials to create a countertop out of.  Granite countertops are not only beautiful, but are sturdy and durable as well, lasting for many years in perfect condition and rarely needing repairs or replacement.

The first step in obtaining a granite kitchen countertop for your home is to measure and map out where you would like the countertop to go.  This is just as important for a smaller kitchen as it is for a larger kitchen.  By accurately measuring the area where the countertop will be placed and planning how you would like the countertop to look, you will know exactly how much of the granite countertop to order and will avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.
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