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Maximize Space and Kitchen Design With a Sharp Microwave Drawer E-mail
Save Space With a Sharp Microwave DrawerLooking for a way to make the most of the space in your kitchen? The innovative new Microwave Drawer from Sharp may be exactly what you need to combine convenience and smart, space-conscious design into your kitchen decor. When you install a Sharp Microwave Drawer, you're able to enjoy the sleek look of an under the counter appliance, positioned at the ideal height for easy operation and food preparation.

Sharp's patent-pending Microwave Drawer comes in 24-inch and 30-inch sizes, with a capacity of one cubic foot. The innovative cooking solution features an enhanced Easy Open mechanism, which ensures that the drawer opens and closes automatically with just a gentle pull or push of the handle.  

This powerful 1000-watt Microwave drawer features 11 Sensor Cook® settings, each operated with simple to use touch controls. It also includes a “Keep Warm” feature, which maintains proper serving temperature for up to half an hour. The unit's LCD display is angled up, allowing for easy viewing from it's under the counter positions.

The Sharp Microwave Drawer is available in black, white, and stainless steel, which offers design versatility suitable for virtually every kitchen design. It is particularly well suited for open floor plans and tight spaces. The units retail for $799.99 (USD). For more information, call 1-866-RANGE99 or see
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