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Who Chooses Wood Countertops? E-mail
Wood countertops are very versatile, both in terms of style and function. Whether you need a countertop for your home, restaurant, or office, and whether you have a modern or classic theme, there is sure to be a wood countertop that perfectly suits your needs and tastes. By itself, a wood countertop has a lot of natural style and character, even without paints, dyes, designs, or edge details. This, coupled with their attractive pricing, is what makes them so popular.


Modern home decor, with its signature straight lines and sleek edges, could use a little warmth and softness from a wood countertop. A light brown countertop will tone down the stiff, formal air associated with modern homes and make it more inviting without clashing with the whole theme. On the other hand, a wooden countertop in a darker shade fits in perfectly with the modern mood and adds a professional, businesslike mood to an office or corporate setting.


Wood countertops will blend right in with a classic room theme. You can have your wood countertop cut with straight edges for a minimalist effect, or have it carved with intricate designs and patterns to match your antique furniture. If your place is painted mostly in blacks, grays, and whites, the natural brown of a wood countertop will stand out and give the room a refreshing contrast. If your house has a little more color, you can get a dark, rugged wood countertop to achieve an artsy look, or balance the detail with a straight-edged countertop.


If you need a countertop for your home but are not ready to splurge on a marble or granite slab just yet, then wood is the way to go. With the right design and construction, a wood countertop can provide the elegance and class of a stone countertop and, if properly installed and maintained, can last almost as long. Wood countertops are great for those who normally do light kitchen chores, such as quick cooking and cleaning up. They can be cut into any size and shape, making them ideal for both small and large homes. Since they are relatively cheap, you can even afford to have them custom-designed or painted to better suit your tastes.


Wood countertops can add a warm, cozy ambiance to any room. This is what makes them the countertop of choice for many food outlets, from local diners to high-end restaurants. The casual aura of wood tables and countertops makes customers feel right at home and is sure to keep them coming back. If you have a corporate firm and want a more businesslike look, you might want to consider dark, straight-edged countertops. These add a professional look to your office and make your clients feel confident about doing business with you.

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