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To enhance the look of your wood countertop, you can make use of other decorative and creative countertop options like edge details, inserts, and backsplashes. Remember to choose wooden countertop options than would not only complement your countertop but your entire kitchen as well. You can get advice from kitchen designers or manufacturers on which design options to get.

Edge details of wood countertops

Square edge style
The square edge styles for wood countertops usually have a thickness of one and one-half inches and three inches. Their top is solid all throughout, giving an impressive appeal to any kitchen. Square edge styles are available in different sizes and can be custom designed according to your preferences.

Ogee edge style

The ogee edge styles for wood countertops exhibit the magnificence, beauty, and quality of wood. Ogee edges are ideal for wood countertops with a length lamination of three inches thick. They come in any size and shape you can think of, and they can be made custom made. Wood countertops with ogee edge details are usually finished with top quality finishes like Durakryl 102. They are durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. Ogee edge styles are commonly used in wood countertops made of maple, ash, clack cheery, lyptus, and black walnut.

End grain edge style
The end grain edge styles for wood countertops is considered the most traditional and popular style of countertop edging system. They are preferred by most kitchen designers and amateur gourmets because they look great. Wood countertops with end grain edges are oiled with food grade mineral and are permanently finished with Durakryl 102. Eng grain edge styles are popularly used in maple wood countertops with a thickness of three to six inches.

Inserts for wood countertops

The most common and popular insert for wood countertops is the butcher block. It has all the benefits of wood without requiring high maintenance. Butcher block inserts are best used in food preparation because they serve as the carving or chopping block on your countertop.

Butcher blocks can be used on your countertop island or on the entire surface of your countertop. Island butcher blocks serve as a chopping or cutting board when preparing food. They are easily cut and shaped using ordinary wood working tools. Butcher blocks are durable and resistant to cuts, cracks, and other damages. However, they often turn black when exposed to water or sealed improperly. But still, they offer a long service for a relatively low price.

Backsplashes for wood countertops

There are three available options for wooden countertop backsplashes. They are the partial backsplashes that fit perfectly around countertops, cabinets, and windows; the full backsplashes that notch around fixtures and utilities; and the partial end splashes that cover columns and other kitchen appliances that do not reach the front of the countertop.

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