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Wood countertops are known for their simple, natural look. In fact, wood countertops make great room accents because they draw attention to themselves by their sheer simplicity. Wood countertops add a warm, earthy ambiance and an easy, laid-back mood to any room.
Wood is very versatile in terms of aesthetic value. Although most people immediately think of a flat brown surface when wood countertops are brought up, wood countertops actually come in a vast array of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. With the right design and construction, a wood countertop can look modern or antique, rough or streamlined, formal or casual.


The basic wood countertop color, of course, is brown. The brown can come from the natural color of the tree where the wood came from, or from various treatments and dyes added to the wood. You can choose from virtually any shade of brown possible, from pale beige to dark reddish shades. But if brown is too drab for your tastes, or if you like a bit of variety, you can also have you wood countertop painted or coated with other colors. There are many colors too choose from, each available in a wide spectrum of shades. With wood countertops, your color options are only limited by your imagination.


Most wood countertops are cut and sanded for a flat, smooth finish. This makes them useful for just about any application, be it for kitchens, bathrooms, work benches, or parlor bars. The flat surface allows you to perform every task imaginable. If you need a countertop with more surface detail, perhaps for highly specialized tasks or simply for an interesting look, you can also have specific textures or ridges worked onto your wood countertop. A countertop with a little grain makes a great work surface for projects that require a lot of stability and leverage, such as making intricate sculptures or constructing miniature models.


Wood countertops are sold in three standard shapes: square, rectangular, and round. A square countertop fits well into any corner and makes for a nice, private work area. Large kitchens would do well with a rectangular countertop, which can hold a fair amount of kitchenware, with ample workspace on the side. Round countertops combine style and function, serving both as an interesting room accent and a coffee table or storage surface. Of course, since wood countertops are fully customizable, you also have the option of having your wood countertop cut with curves, twists, or any shape you think looks best in your home.


Since wood is light and cheap compared to other countertop materials, such as stone or marble, you can have your countertop made as large as you want without worrying about structural integrity or price. Wood countertops are available in any size, both ready- and custom-made.

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