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What Colors Are Available For Wood Countertops? E-mail
A common misconception is that wood countertops come only in shades of brown, the natural color of wood. Of course, wood-colored countertops are the most common, mostly because their neutral look goes well with any room theme.

But wood countertops are also available in other colors – in fact, they can come
in virtually any color and pattern. You can choose to have your wood countertop painted, stained, or coated with the exact color you want, to make it better fit in with the rest of your home’s fixtures. Following are some of the color options you can choose from for your wood countertop.


Tan is a dark yellowish brown shade that comes from woods constantly exposed to sunlight. Use a tan countertop to add a warm glow to a dimly lit room, or to create a cheerful mood for a small shop or diner. You can choose a naturally tan wood such as walnut, cherry, or alder, or have the wood of your choice stained or varnished in a tan shade.


Chocolate brown wood countertops can look both formal and lively, depending on the cut and surrounding colors. Create a formal look by placing a sprawling chocolate wood countertop in a predominantly white room. If you have a more colorful room, a rugged chocolate brown countertop will complement any color for a bohemian theme.

Dark brown

Dark brown woods include oak, maple, and pine. A dark brown wood countertop is ideal for large, Victorian homes and makes a beautiful lounge bar for high-end restaurants. Dark brown wood countertops also look great with intricate edge designs and carvings.


Mahogany is known for its natural reddish tint, and is used both as countertop material and as a stain for dyeing other woods. Mahogany stains can be added to light-colored woods to create a dark mauve, or to darker woods for a rich wine red. The stain can easily get washed off by water, so red wood countertops, especially those used in kitchens and bars, are usually coated with a clear glaze to make it waterproof.


Rust-colored wood countertops are usually coated with a semi-clear varnish in a shade somewhere between red and orange. The color is best applied on raw, unpolished wood and followed with a clear glaze. Rust-colored wood countertops look great in rustic country homes with lots of greens, blues, and other cool colors.


The black color in wood countertops is usually achieved with a dark lacquer coating. The most highly prized black woods make use of a hand-rubbed ebony lacquer, applied in up to 20 layers. When adequately glazed and polished, black wood countertops hardly look like wood and more closely resemble smooth granite or marble. Use a black wood countertop for a classic, elegant look.

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