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How to get samples of ceramic tile countertops E-mail
If you are having a hard time deciding on the right ceramic tile countertop for your home, you may want to consider getting samples, either online, from retailers, or directly from the manufacturers. Ceramic tile samples will give you a good idea of how a certain countertop will look and feel with the rest of your home, helping you find a ceramic tile that works best for you.


You can order ceramic tiles directly from a manufacturer's or retailer's website. Search for “ceramic tile countertops” on an internet search engine and you should get a number of links to the most popular dealers. Most websites offer an online catalog, which you can print out. The catalogs usually include pertinent information such as the sizes available and the price range of each sample. Browse multiple websites to get a good selection.

Obviously, printouts will not let you feel the samples. Texture is an important factor in choosing a ceramic tile countertop, so you may be easily misled by the pictures. Luckily, many manufacturers accept online ordering, where you request samples from the website and they can ship them to your home for a small fee. Orders usually arrive within 24 hours.


You can also get samples of ceramic tile countertops from your local hardware or home supply store. Some stores have a showroom, where they put all their designs on display. Unlike online ordering, you will get your samples immediately instead of waiting a day or two. You can also ask the dealer questions about specific samples. Ceramic tile samples go for around $4 apiece, although sometimes they come in a free brochure from the store.

Going to retailers may be tiring and time-consuming, and since many retailers carry the same brands, you may find that one store offers nothing different from the others. To save you time and frustration, call the stores you are planning to visit in advance and find out what brands they carry.


Ceramic tile samples are also available directly from the manufacturers. The main advantage of buying samples from the manufacturers is that you will see a complete line of their products, whereas stores usually carry only the bestsellers. You can also get better, more informed answers to your questions. Their samples may be free or for sale.

The problem with this method is that it can take up a lot of your time, and not all manufacturers will have an office or showroom nearby. The best thing to do is look up various manufacturers in your area, check out their products and prices, and visit the one that looks most promising.
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