Sealing Tips for Ceramic Kitchen Countertops E-mail
ImageCeramic tile countertops are the perfect choice for redecorating or designing your kitchen space as they can stand grease, scrape and heat temperature. Their sturdiness, effectiveness and usefulness will make your work easier, lighter and not messed up and you will be able to organize your working area as well. They are easy to clean as well and all you will have to do is to wipe your ceramic tile countertop with a clean, wet sponge or cloth in order to keep its surface clean. Sealing is also required in the case of ceramic tile countertops.

Ceramic Tile Countertop by Daltile

When installing your ceramic tile countertop, your job will not be finished until sealant is applied on the surface of the ceramic tile countertop. Keep in mind that different types of tiles will require different types of sealants and you will have to determine whether your ceramic tile countertop needs sealing. So, you will have to pour some ounces of water right onto your ceramic tile surface and let it sit there. Once you notice that your ceramic tile countertop begins to darken in that particular area, you will have to seal it in order to prevent any water penetration and further damage. Here are the main steps for you to follow in order to have your ceramic tile countertop sealed.

In order to seal your countertop, you will need tile sealer, gloves and paint or sponge brush. Start by cleaning your ceramic tile countertop wet the sponge and make sure that you squeeze out all the excess water. Next, you will have to wipe the ceramic tiles down in order to remove any debris. Having the ceramic tiles cleaned is important as any remaining debris must not be sealed onto the ceramic tiles. Also, you will have to allow the ceramic tiles to air dry in order to proceed further. Then, you will have to choose the right tile sealer that can block any water penetration and protect against stains. Your choice is going to depend on your ceramic tile type and you will have to check with your tile manufacturer in order to go for the right sealer that can be used for your ceramic tiles.

You have to make sure that you read all the manufacturers instructions and understand the application process. Put on the gloves and apply only a smaller amount of sealer right to your paint sponge or brush; spread this sealer all over your ceramic tile countertop and make sure that you apply enough sealer to have each of the tiles covered. Then clean the excess sealer by using a damp sponge and do this before the sealer gets dry. Remember that sealing the ceramic tile countertop is going to protect this surface for almost 2 years and you will have to repeat the whole sealing process in order to have your ceramic tile countertop kept in a good and functional condition.

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