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What colors are available for ceramic tile countertops? E-mail
Ceramic tile countertops come in a wide range of colors and color patterns. With all the options available, people often get confused. Choosing the right color for your ceramic tile countertop is crucial. The right color can beautifully accent a room and give it elegance and class, but the wrong color will make your countertop clash with the rest of your décor and ruin an otherwise beautiful home.

Ceramic tile countertops can have solid, metallic, or custom colors. Read on to find out more about each one.

Solid colors

Some ceramic tiles have simple, solid colors throughout. These are usually the cheapest kind available. A solid colored ceramic countertop can balance a well-adorned kitchen or bathroom and give it a touch of simplicity. Solid colors are usually brown, red, white, black, or gray. Other colors are usually available for custom-made countertops.

Although they are plain, with a little creativity you can use solid colored countertops to your advantage. Some people, for instance, buy several small ceramic tiles and form a mosaic or pattern on their countertop. Large tiles in different shades make a nice cubic theme.


Metallic ceramic tile countertops are usually in neutral colors such as brown, gray, or cream. They are made to resemble metal countertops with lines or patches of different shades, using a single base color. Metallic tiles are great for those who want a modern, industrial look, or those who want the look a stainless steel countertop but cannot afford it. Metallic tiles blend particularly well against white walls.

Custom colors

You can also ask a manufacturer to create a custom ceramic tile for you. This is great for business and restaurant owners who want their logo or business name printed onto their countertop. Not only will this provide a sense of identity, they also create a uniform, organized look for the place. Custom-colored countertops are also a great way to personalize your kitchen and make it more unique. Custom colors may cost more for added labor, so be sure to ask about prices beforehand.
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