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Concrete countertops are very versatile. They are made of concrete that can be made from scratch and and into different colors, shapes, sizes, and thickness. Concrete countertops can be customized to fit any type of kitchen.

For those who want to customize their concrete countertops the professional way, they can get the services of building and construction firms that offer customization. The professional builders can take care of everything from the sourcing of materials to the actual building and installation of concrete countertops. They have showrooms where clients can view and touch the concrete countertop options that they can choose from. They also do consultations with interested clients.
For those who want to build concrete countertops by themselves,they can get customization ideas and tips from building firms and architects. Do-it-yourself homemakers can browse through concrete countertop catalogs and brochures to look for any designs they want to imitate in their own projects.

Some concrete countertop options

The look of concrete countertops can be improved by changing its color, edge, and shape. These design options allow homeowners to express their personalities and creativity on their countertops.


The colors of concrete countertop are created by mixing and blending different color pigments and stains. These colors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, depending on the their coloring techniques. Concrete countertops come in solid, neutral colors like gray, brown, and black. These colors are suited for the more traditional homeowners who want their countertops to look conservative and simple. For the more daring homeowners, bold and bright colors like red, green, and blue can make any concrete countertop stand out. Other concrete countertops can also come in veined or marbled patterns that mimic real wood or marble.


Concrete countertops can have straight or round edges, depending on the client's preference. The most common edges used for concrete countertops include the standard ease, ogee, bevel, bullnose, and pencil edge. Some builders may have more options to offer or can customize countertop edges to suit your needs.


Standard concrete countertops are rectangular in shape, but more and more professional builders offer them in customized shapes. Concrete countertops can have subtle round edges or unique teardrop shapes. They can also be made into the typical curved, L or V-shapes, depending on the kitchen size.

Other options

Concrete countertops can also have build in holes, inserts, and cutouts where backsplashes, built-in sinks, faucets, and other kitchen equipment can be fitted in. These cutouts are made during the building process after careful measurements of the equipment to be inserted have been made. Copper rods can also be embedded around the edges of the countertop for aesthetic purposes. Consult your professional builder on other concrete countertop options that they can offer.

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