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Concrete has become a popular countertop material among homeowners, builders, and kitchen designers. Thanks to the number of positive feedback and enlightening articles on concrete countertops that are available in home design and home building websites on the

Listed below are some of the online articles that feature everything you need to know about the features, manufacture, and installation of concentrate countertops.

Concrete Countertops by Katherine Salant

Written in a very practical and friendly manner, this article by Katherine Salant talks about the basics of using concrete for kitchen countertops. The author guides you to the general characteristics of concrete, to how it is formed to become a kitchen countertop, up to how it is installed in the kitchen. The author lists down the overall features of concentrate countertops and further discusses how resistant they are to water and stains. The author features five of the major fabricators of concrete countertops: Cheng, Jensen, Seel, Rhodes, and Carr. The estimated amount of concrete countertops made by these fabricators ranges from $170 to $225 per running foot. Cheng, Jensen, and Santora sell their concreter countertops through authorized dealers while Rhodes and Carr offer their products directly to the customers.

Concrete Countertops: Let Homeowners Express Themselves by Anne Balogh

Anne Balogh gives a comprehensive discussion on the uniqueness and distinction of concrete countertops and gives the reasons why they are becoming more and more popular among homeowners. To support her claims, Balogh gives statistics from the National Kitchen and Bath Association survey that claims “about 94 million linear feet of countertops were installed in homes in 2002, with 58 million (or 62%) going into kitchen remodels.”

The opinions of homeowners regarding the use of concrete countertops are featured in the article. The author also talks about other issues on concrete countertops including the distinctiveness of concrete countertops, environmental issues, and the cost of creativity.

How to Use Concrete in a Traditional Kitchen by Coral Nafie

To make this article as comprehensive and as accurate as possible, Coral Nafie makes use of some of the relevant insights of Fu-Tung Cheng, the author of the bestselling books Concrete Countertops: Design, Forms, and Finishes for the New Kitchen and Bath (Taunton, 2002) and Concrete at Home (Taunton, 2005). This very informative article gives ideas on the proper usage and application of modern countertop materials in traditional homes.

The author explains how substituting concrete to traditional kitchen materials can be both an effective and creative means of recreating your kitchen. According to her, such a process is considered to be a movement from the traditional to transitional. The author also presents a seven-step guideline that the readers can follow to take advantage of the modernity and functionality of concrete countertops.

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