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The decision to use glass countertops in your new kitchen design means you are introducing an elegant and beautiful touch to your décor.  The variety of styles, colors and patterns that are available in the glass countertops has exploded in the last few years.  What that means is that you can find a style of glass countertop to fit just about any décor or interior design goal for your new kitchen.  And when you go with glass countertops, not only will the outcome be elegant, stylish and beautiful, it will be tough and long lasting as well.

But there is one other thing that glass countertops can bring with them and that is added expense.  Even though glass is a manufactured substance, considerable craftsmanship goes into glass countertops.  That high quality of beauty and durability is often reflected in the price.  But there are ways you can achieve that same level of perfection without that high price tag.

One of the best ways to bring the price tag down is to look into recycled glass countertops.  Depending on the style and the complexity of the glass countertop you want, buying a recycled product can represent a significant savings.  Above all, you are not compromising your standards by using a recycled product.  If anything, you can feel good about patronizing manufacturers of glass countertops because it encourages the recycling movement, which is good for everyone.

You will not find any limitations in terms of what you can achieve in your décor when you decide to buy a recycled glass countertop product.  Recycled glass can still be used in a custom countertop if you have a design demand that cannot be accommodated by "off the shelf" models.  Beyond the point of purchase, nobody but you and your bank account will know you went with recycled glass counters.

In every respect, using recycled glass in your countertops is in step with your efforts to live in an environmentally friendly way.  By using recycled glass, that cuts down on how much glass is made from raw materials.  The energy used and the pollution generated to recycle glass is far less than what it takes to make new glass countertops.  

And because of the success of recycling programs all around the country, recycled glass is in abundant supply.  That is one reason you can expect to see a significant savings if you buy recycled glass countertops.  The benefits of saving money and helping the environment are a potent one-two punch that makes including recycled glass in your list of countertop options make sense.
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