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stain resistant granite countertopOne of the biggest concerns that many people have when considering a granite countertop is how to prevent the countertop from staining.  Purchasing a granite countertop is a significant expense for any homeowner and they would hate to see their investment ruined because someone was careless with an item and created a stain on their beautiful countertop.  Because of the large demand for stain resistant natural stone countertops, a company has created a unique manufacturing method that allows them to create these types of countertops for the homeowners that desire them.

An anti-stain granite countertop is created from natural stone and then treated using a specialized process to penetrate the surface of the stone, making the entire surface of the countertop resistant to staining.  Thick layers of sealers that could change or mute the beauty of the natural granite are not needed and are not used on these stone countertops.  This also prevents the homeowner from having to remember to reseal the countertop every few years to ensure that the countertop will not stain.

Currently, the only anti-stain granite countertops available for purchase are manufactured by Innovative Stone as part of the Everlife Collection.  These countertops are created from some of the loveliest, designer quality granite available and treated using the company's trademarked PermaShield process, which ensures that the natural granite will be shielded from staining.  Water, oils, and other liquids are easily repelled from penetrating the surface of the granite.

Although the surface of the granite countertop is protected from staining, it is still important to clean up any items that may be spilled on the countertop quickly and efficiently.  Items that are left to dry on the countertop can cause spots that could be difficult to remove if left for long and cause the homeowner to work much harder at cleaning the granite countertop than would have been required if the mess had been cleaned up right away.  Food items left on the countertop can also cause bacteria and fungi to begin to grow on the countertop which could pose a health risk to you and your family.

It is also important not to use any harsh chemicals or abrasive agents on the surface of the anti-stain granite countertop.  These items can mar the finish of the natural stone causing discoloration and scratches that can be difficult, if not impossible, for the homeowner to remove.  Exact instructions for the maintenance and care of the anti-stain granite countertop will be provided by the manufacturer of the countertop at the point of sale or by request from the homeowner.  
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