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Listed below are links to some online articles that you can refer to for all your granite countertop questions and concerns. These articles were contributed by experts on granite as an element and granite as the main material in kitchen countertops. Most of these articles can be found at e-learning and e-reading websites that contain articles on different topics. The websites also have links to the authors of the articles that are featured here.

Granite Countertops: An Overview by Jason Gluckmann

This article by Jason Gluckmann gives you an overview of granite countertops. It contains a brief history of granite--how it is formed as an igneous rock beneath the earth's surface to how it has evolved into a highly-recommended and modern-day kitchen countertop material.

Granite Countertops: An Overview also provides you the necessary information on the basic and best features of granite. Gluckmann also enumerates the reasons why it is one of the best materials to use for kitchen countertops.

Advantages of Kitchen Granite Countertops by James Mahoney

This article starts out with an explanation of the etymology of granite and lists down the places in the world where it is usually sourced from. Advantages of Kitchen Granite Countertop by Jason Mahoney provides you with reasons why granite is one of the best materials to use for kitchen countertops. It further enumerates the impressive features of granite which make them very popular among homemakers and kitchen builders all over the world.

Granite is a very strong material that is resistant to extreme temperatures, cuts, scratches, and stains. Given the various food preparation activities performed on the kitchen countertop, these features make granite the best choice to use as material for a kitchen countertops. Granite countertops are relatively easy to clean because of their smooth and shiny finish. However, they are expensive and high maintenance.

Installing Granite Countertops by Jason Gluckmann

From the history of granite to its modern use as a kitchen countertop, Installing Granite Countertops by Jason Gluckmann talks about how granite countertops make their way from the manufacturer to the home. The article begins by providing you with the estimated cost of granite slabs and proceeds to explain the installation process.

Granite countertops are ordered from the manufacturer of your choice. After the payment is made, granite countertop experts would visit your home to inspect your kitchen and determine the number of kitchen cabinets you have, the location of electrical sockets, and the overall kitchen size. This inspection is done to determine if there are any special equipment needed to install your granite countertop. In the installation process, granite slabs would be cut and fitted according to your kitchen specifications. Afterwards, the manufacturer would then orient the new owners on the proper care and maintenance of their granite countertop.

Granite and Solid Surface Countertops by Tim Carter

This article by Tim Carter gives you the differences between granite countertops and other solid surface countertops. The author would pick a question posed by a reader and answer it by citing examples from his experiences on installing and using granite countertops. This article also contains tips on how to seal and maintain your granite countertop to protect it from stains and cracks.

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