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There are many people that are leery about purchasing a granite kitchen countertop because they do not know the proper way of cleaning granite countertops.  Paying a great deal of money for an addition to the home, like granite countertops, can be scary for individuals that are unsure about how to care for the new addition to their homes, as there are many things that can be done by the inexperienced to ruin their new investment in their home.  Before deciding to make a major expensive purchase for a home improvement project, such as installing granite countertops in the kitchen, it is important for the homeowner to know what will need to be done to clean and maintain the items that are installed in their home.

Many individuals that are considering purchasing granite kitchen countertop believe that since the granite countertops are expensive, cleaning and maintaining the countertops will be expensive as well.  The truth is that cleaning granite countertops is an easy and inexpensive maintenance process that will only take a few minutes of the homeowner’s time each time the countertop is cleaned.  The items used can generally be found around the house or purchased at the local supermarket at minimal cost to the homeowner.

Cleaning granite countertops should be done whenever needed and immediately after something has been spilled on the countertop to prevent staining.  The easiest cleaning solution to use is a simple solution of non-abrasive soap and water, applied using a sponge or a soft cloth so that the finish of the countertop does not become scratched.  If all of the water is not removed from the surface of the countertop, the water will dry and water spots will appear on the finish of the countertop but they can easily be removed by cleaning the countertop again.

If the homeowner prefers, they can purchase a countertop cleaning solution from the manufacturer of the countertop to ensure that what they are using for cleaning granite countertops will not mar the surface of the countertop.  These cleaning solutions are used by the manufacturer and the installers to clean the countertop properly after installation in the home to ensure that the countertop looks its best for the homeowners.  The cleaning solutions are reasonably priced and a single bottle will last for a long period of time.

In addition to cleaning granite countertops on a regular basis, the countertop will need to be resealed to keep the countertop looking beautiful and new.  Resealing the countertop will need to be done every couple of years either by a trained professional or by the homeowner as a do it yourself project.  The application of the sealant is important because it protects the stone from outside elements, allows the beauty of the stone to shine through, and provides a usable surface that is both durable and strong.

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