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Cutting and scratching on granite countertops E-mail
Granite countertops are made of granite, a porous igneous type of rock that is made of quartz and feldspar. They are normally scratch- and cut-resistant because of their hard, diamond-like surface. However, due to extensive and long-term use, granite countertops can be prone to cuts and scratches.

How to avoid cutting and scratching your granite countertop

  • Seal your granite countertop. Granite countertops are naturally porous, and if not prepared well, they can be cut or scratched easily. Sealants protect your granite countertop by adding a protective layer over it. This protective layer “seals” the granite rock pores, making them smooth and shiny.Granite countertop manufacturers preseal their products before they sell them. However, this seal eventually wears away, so have your granite countertop resealed at least twice a year. You can also buy various sealant products from your manufacturer that you can use to maintain your granite countertop. Be sure to ask your granite countertop manufacturer about them because sealant products vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

  • Avoid using sharp objects on your granite countertop. Granite countertops are mainly used to prepare food on. Cutting or chopping directly on the surface can cut the surface and leave it with unsightly marks and gashes.You can protect your granite countertop from cuts and scratches by placing a protective layer on it before cutting up food. You can also place a wooden chopping board on top of the granite countertop to absorb the pressure and nicks of sharp cutting knives. If a wooden chopping board is not available, then use your knives or cut up food on other non-granite surfaces located in your kitchen. If chopping and cutting on your granite countertop is unavoidable, then just chop lightly and carefully.

  • Avoid dragging kitchen equipment across your granite countertop. Kitchen equipment such as blenders, food processors, stoves, and mixers are heavy equipment. Their undersides may have sharp edges that can cut or scratch your granite countertop. To avoid this, do not drag your kitchen equipment across it—lift them instead. If the kitchen equipment is too heavy, ask for assistance to lift it or attach foam pads at the bottom. Foam pads can make it easy for you to drag your kitchen equipment across the countertop and protect the surface from cuts and scratches at the same time.

  • Always clean your granite countertop after each use. The small debris accumulated from food preparation can scratch your granite countertop. Clean your granite countertop using a mild soap and water solution to ensure that there are no harmful particles left on the surface. Also, use a soft sponge instead of an abrasive one to wipe it down minimize scratching.

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