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For a Kashmir Gold granite countertop to have an easy maintenance, the surface should be less porous, but as sealed as possible. This aspect is generally provided by the manufacturer, but the effect may diminish over time and therefore it is indicated, from time to time, to test the porosity of the surface of the gold granite countertop.

Testing the tightness of the leaf surface is pretty simple. Just pour some clean water on the surface of the gold granite counter and observe how long it takes for the water to be absorbed into the countertop’s surface. If this happens in a short time, approximately 5-6 minutes, than sealing is indeed required. If even after about 30 minutes the water is not absorbed into the surface, it means that the gold granite countertop surface is well sealed and there is no need for the operation to be repeated at the moment.

For the every day cleaning of the Kashmir Gold Granite countertop it is advisable to use a soft, clean and absorbent cloth and a detergent with neutral pH, especially for removing the various food spills from waste, cooking oils or various cosmetics. Special attention is required when drinks or foods that contain acids or other substances that can damage the surface are placed on the surface of the gold granite countertop. Vessels that are too hot or too heavy will be carefully put on the leaf surface, the recommendation being that an insulating support be placed under them.

Cleaning Kashmir Gold granite countertops with abrasive products is completely forbidden, as these will deteriorate its surface. If liquid was poured on your granite countertop, it should be removed immediately, but not with movements with which to spread it to the whole surface, but with an absorbent cloth or absorbent paper-towel, by swabbing the surface until the full absorption of the liquid spilled, and then use a detergent for cleaning. The cleaning cloth or paper towel should be white so they do not stain the surface.The cleaning of Kashmir gold granite counters cannot be made with just any kind of detergent, but with one recommended for natural stone, as other types of detergent can interact chemically with the surface and may damage it.

If a lasting stain of oil or other petroleum product was formed on the surface of your gold granite countertop, it can be removed using a ready-made poultice which you can buy from the supermarket. In case you prefer the poultice yourself, you will need: baby powder, a cup of acetone (not nail acetone!), clean, a couple of paper towels, a plastic wrap and masking tape. Mix the baby powder and acetone to form a paste, and, with gloves on your hands, drown 2-3 paper towels in the paste (poultice) and apply them on the stain. The plastic wrap will be then put on the poultice, tapped down and left there for al least 24 hours. After you remove the wrap, it is very important to leave the poultice there until it has dried for completely. Then you can safely remove the poultice. Clean the whole area with a clean, soft cloth and wipe what remains with a paper towel. The process must be repeated if the stain hasn’t disappeared for completely.

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