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ImageHoned granite countertops come with the same classy look of the polished versions of granite countertops but without the distinctive reflective shine. Honed granite countertops are to be regarded as a quite durable material option. Here are the main cons and pros related to using a honed granite countertop in your kitchen space. Pay attention to them as soon as you start considering purchasing and having installed such a honed granite countertop.

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First, the cleaning and maintenance routine are key factors when it comes to maintaining the classy look of your honed granite countertop. Even if a honed granite countertop is likely to be quite resistant to tear and wear caused by all sorts of water spills, it can show stains and fingerprints quite easily. So, spills such as oily substances, dark or greasy ones are to be cleaned up immediately. Also, using a quality color enhancer can reverse the staining process.

As with any other stone material, a honed granite countertop will require great care and maintenance and you must protect your countertop with quality treatments and sealers the ones that you would use on a polished granite countertop. Also, you will have to reseal your honed granite countertop every few months in order to keeps its initial shine. If you are keen on providing your kitchen space with a natural look, you can go for a honed granite countertop in an earthly color. Keep in mind that, as any other natural stone, no 2 granite slabs are likely to be alike. So, depending on your personal preference and restoration plans, this feature is to be regarded as either a con or a pro.

The main drawback of honed granite countertops is that they tend to show stains quite easily and even more easier when compared to a polished granite countertop. Choosing honed granite for your kitchen countertop will affect the way its natural color is reflected as a honed granite surface does not shine like a polished granite surface. Actually, the mood of a honed granite countertop is likely to be very different when compared to polished granite countertops. Some of the most known and popular finishes in a honed granite countertop are Flamed Finish and River Washed Finished. Both of them are highly attractive and textured.

Honed granite countertops are extremely durable and they are very likely to last a long period of time in any modern kitchen space. Once you have your honed granite countertop fitted and installed, you must make sure that you are consistent about its maintenance routine in order to preserve its original look. Additionally, you will have to use a quality sealer in order to protect its surface and ward off any stains.            

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