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Granite is naturally a very strong element that is scratch and cut-resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures. However, the granite that is used in kitchen countertops can get affected by the high temperature in hot pans. Pots and pans are usually made of high-grade steel or metal, and they are very good head conductors. When placed on top of a granite countertop, hot pots and pans can damage its surface. If this is done on a regular basis, the granite countertop can give in to the high temperature and get black burn marks or gashes.

Tips on how to protect granite countertops from hot pans

  • Avoid placing hot pans directly on your granite countertop. Despite granite's natural ability to withstand extreme temperatures, your granite countertop is not impervious to heat. When using hot pans, place protective covering on top of your granite countertop before putting them down. You can use everyday kitchen accessories like an extra tray or a cutting board to protect you granite countertop from getting hot pan burns and marks.

  • Allow hot pans to cool before placing them directly on your granite countertop. If placing hot pans on your granite countertop is unavoidable, allow them to cool down first. Be sure to wipe their undersides to remove any black or burn marks. Electric stoves normally do not leave any black marks on the bottoms of hot pans, but be sure to wipe them just the same.

How to restore granite countertops that have been damaged by hot pans

  • Use restoring liquids or pastes. Most granite countertop manufacturers offer their own line of products for the maintenance of their countertops. Among these products are special creams or solutions that you can use to polish your granite countertop and remove stains and marks. You can use these products on the damaged surface of your granite countertop. The burn marks from hot pans can only be on the surface, so they can usually be rubbed away using the special cleaning creams and solutions. For deeper marks that would not come off, consult your granite countertop manufacturer immediately on what to do about them.

  • Consult professional granite countertop servicemen. If your granite countertop has a warranty, then take advantage of it. Make sure that the damage was incurred within the warranty duration. Your granite countertop manufacturer or his representatives should come to your home and attend to the damage right away. Most granite countertops can be repaired through home service, and this gives you the chance to observe the techniques done on how to remove the marks caused by hot pans and other hot kitchen accessories.

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