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Tips on Avoiding Stains on Your Granite Countertop E-mail
ImageThrough granite is quite expensive and very heavy, it is the perfect choice for kitchen countertops mainly because it can last for a longer period of time as it does not scratch and it’s quite easy to maintain. One of the greatest features of granite countertops is that you will not have to worry too much about possible staining and spillage. For instance, you can even chop your vegetables directly on your granite countertop or you can place hot pots or pans right on this surface without the fear of burning or melting it.

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Once you decide to spend a significant amount on money on a granite countertop for your kitchen space, you will have to make sure that you choose your wholesaler or dealer with great care. The biggest advantage brought by a granite countertop is the fact that it can easily be installed or removed. Also, this surface is extremely resistant to heat. Whatever your requirements or specifications, the granite countertop you choose to have in your kitchen space is going to complement your kitchen décor and make the whole space feel more beautiful and sophisticated.

However, no natural stone is absolutely indestructible and you should handle your granite countertop with great care and follow the specific directions provided by the manufacturer for your purchase. So, granite slabs receive the so-called honed finish or polished finish. If you are planning to go for a honed finish, you should not use this type of countertop in your kitchen area. Instead, you should go for a polished finish as this type of finish is easier to maintain with regular care. In the case of a polished finish, all you will need is a proper cleaning routine and quality sealers in order to have your granite countertop protected against all sorts of stains.

Mainly, granite countertops are going to be sealed during their original installation. Afterwards, they need to be resealed once a year in order to be maintained in the proper condition. Granite countertops are designed to be extremely tough and they can withstand almost any hot liquid spilled on their surface. However, polished granite countertops are likely to be more sensitive. In their case, rough cleaners are to be avoided and dishwashing fluid and water are to be used instead. Also, you must avoid dragging all sorts of appliances, pans or pots over your granite countertop, as granite mineral can fracture slightly. Also, pulling something right across your granite countertops could easily scratch its polished surface area thus making the whole surface prone to stains.

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