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Granite countertops are widely used in homes, hotels, restaurants and many other commercial establishments because they are attractive and very functional.

Establishment and restaurant owners

Granite countertops are ideal for front-of-house surfaces, such as bars, side tables, and waiting stations. Because they are highly resistant to water and moisture, they also make great countertops for public and semi-public bathrooms, such as those in hotels and spas.

Business owners can also save on cleaning and maintenance costs. Granite countertops are very low-maintenance, requiring only occasional scrubbing. Their slick surface prevents food and spills from sticking to the surface, so regular cleaning is as simple as wiping the surface dry.

Single independents

Granite countertops are a good choice for people who spend a lot of time at work and do not have much time to spare for cleaning and maintaining their homes. Granite is highly resistant to mold and mildew build-up, so a granite countertop can stay clean for weeks with only a quick wipe occasionally.

Also, granite countertops make great accents for studios, apartments and other small lodgings. A granite countertop in one corner will draw attention to your kitchen and make your place appear more spacious.

Working parents

If you have a toddler or preschooler, you are probably familiar with the feeling of coming home from a stressful day at work only to find your kitchen a mess, thanks to your hungry, overactive kids. You can spare yourself from two hours or scrubbing by switching to a granite countertop. With a granite countertop, food and liquid do not stick to the surface, so you can wipe them away in minutes.

Some alternatives

Granite has been called too shiny, too formal, and on the whole, too cold and uninviting. Usually, home and business owners prefer naturally occurring granite, which is either gray, beige or black. The black and gray models in particular are said to be too sterile compared to wood or slate, which provide a soft, warm ambiance.

Also, because of its popularity, granite has become much too common, especially among commercial establishments. Many business owners have attempted a unique interior with a classy granite countertop, only to find out that their competitors have done exactly the same thing.

Granite countertops generally look better in modern-themed homes, with sleek surfaces and straight lines. A dark granite countertop, on the other hand, would look awkward and out of place amidst bright colors or in rustic country homes.

If you have a plain, drab office, you may want to look into other countertop materials, such as wood or slate. However, take note that these materials require more maintenance than granite, and offer less protection from mold and mildew build-up.

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