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Image Forty years after the first Radarange® debuted in 1967, Amana® is proud to introduce the next generation of microwave cooking. The all new Amana® Radarange® countertop convection microwave is a sleek, contemporary design that will blend perfectly with the décor of even the most modern of kitchens. It is available in black, stainless steel, and white.

The new Amana® Radarange® is outfitted with a variety of practical features and conveniences designed specifically for the needs of modern families. The new Radarange® boasts a large interior cooking cavity, which makes it easy for cooks to prepare a wide variety of foods in the oven.

With 1500 watts of power, the oven is powerful enough to cook a five pound roast or ham and a six pound turkey or chicken. Additionally, convection technology cooks all types of foods quickly and evenly, even baked goods.  

Microwave cooking has come a long way since the first Radarange® entered the small appliance market, and the needs of consumers have evolved right along with it. Even though the revolutionary kitchen appliance was viewed with skepticism when it was first introduced to the market, it has become a must-have appliance in the vast majority of households. According to the Association of Appliance Manufacturers, approximately 90 million households in the United States alone have one or more microwave ovens.   

More information about the new Amana® Radarange®, or any of the company’s 10 other countertop and over the range models, see While you’re at the site, visit to download your free copy of Amana’s first online microwave cookbook, Fast Food Redefined: 40 Years Ago, Amana Invented a New Way to Cook.

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