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Kitchen Cabinet With Glass Holder Looking for a way to de-clutter your kitchen cabinets? Why not bring your beautiful glassware out from behind closed doors and combine decorating with storage? This beautiful stemmed glass holder, part of the KraftMaid Harmony® Storage Solutions line of kitchen cabinets, is an ideal solution for those who need more storage space inside their cabinets.

Displaying your glass or crystal stemware in a build in kitchen cabinet storage device is a terrific solution to the problem of overcrowded cabinetry. By installing kitchen cabinets with built in glassware storage, you're able to free up valuable cabinet space for items that really need to be kept out of sight. At the same time, you're coming up with an aesthetically appealing decorative use for your stemware to enhance the overall décor of your kitchen.

If you have a lovely collection of stemware, it's a shame to hide your beautiful glasses behind closed cabinet doors. When your glasses are on display, as with the KraftMaid Harmony® Storage Solutions glass
holder, they are easy for you to reach and easy to put away after cleaning. Displaying stemware can also contribute to enlarging the appearance of many kitchens, due to the impact of light bouncing off the glass or crystal pieces. Whether your kitchen décor is traditional, contemporary, or anywhere in between, you'll be able to put kitchen cabinets with built in stemware storage to good use.
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