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choose solid surface countertopsIf you're looking for an attractive and functional kitchen countertop, you really can't go wrong by choosing to install solid surfaces in your kitchen. Solid surface countertops are the lowest maintenance luxury countertops available. They're as easy to maintain as Formica, but lend a much more upscale air to your kitchen's décor.

Solid surface countertops are the ideal solution for homeowners who want to be able to use their kitchens constantly, yet keep them looking fresh and new without having to spend hours and hours on maintaining the appearance of their counters. Cleaning these types of kitchen counters is a snap. They are virtually impossible to stain, and you can use any standard type of kitchen cleaner to wipe them clean. You don't have to worry about he color fading, and you can even sand out scratches. These countertops are also very strong. You don't have to worry about breaking these counters during normal kitchen usage. Installing solid surface countertops is very simple. These high durability, low maintenance surfaces are crafted from a blend of materials derived from natural stone and acrylic polymers. The material is molded into sheets approximately 1/2 inch thick. Even though they are thin and lightweight, these types of countertops are outfitted with deep edges. This gives them the illusion of being much thicker than they really are.

The most popular solid surface countertops are made by Dupont. Sold under the brand name Corian, these counters have been around sicne 1966. Several other manufacturers now make these popular and durable surfaces for the home.
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