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Natural Maple CountertopThere is an ever-increasing trend to bring natural finishes into the design of modern homes, and the kitchen is no exception. Natural finishes are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary kitchen design, particularly when it comes to kitchen countertops.

“Consumers are choosing natural finishes because they want something different. They are becoming tired of the standard stainless steel and granite tops that are everywhere,” comments Ken Williamson, CEO and founder of Craft-Art Wood Countertops.  One of the most popular materials for today's countertops is wood. Williamson continues, “Wood is not only beautiful, it’s extremely durable, but each type will have a different and unique look.”

Many different types of woods are being used to create modern
kitchen countertops, including teak, pine, maple, oak, and many other species. The natural maple countertops pictured here, created by Craft-Art Wood Countertops, will age beautifully as time goes by. Natural wear and subtle environmental changes cause the materials to slowly change and evolve enabling them to be used to enhance unique, one-of-a kind designs or as a main feature.  

It seems that today's consumers, are becoming more enamored of living finishes rather than those the bright surfaces and hard edges associated with contemporary design. Homeowners are choosing to bring natural materials into their homes with the expectation that their appearance will change with time.
For more information on natural finishes contact a local design professional. For more information on Craft-Art Wood Countertops
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