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Image If you have never tried a Pampered Chef Forged Cutlery knife, you don’t know what you're missing. These incredible knives are a must-have for any true foodie.

Each piece of Pampered Chef Forged cutlery is created through a complex, multi-step forging process. Each knife is crafted from a single piece of fully forged high carbon German steel. The superior quality steel is hammered, heated, and cooled to enhance density, hardness, and flexibility -- all of which are desirable traits in fine kitchen cutlery. Additionally, they are resistant to stain and corrosion.

These knives are among the strongest and most durable available kitchen tools, and they maintain a sharp, perfect edge for effortless slicing time after time. The blades are tapered just right, which means they cut precisely every single time.


Those who enjoy cooking understand the importance of “a good fit,” which refers to how the knife feels when you hold it and work with it. These knives are perfectly balanced, and the handles are contoured for a comfortable grip. They definitely have the “good” feel that cooking enthusiasts look for.  

Pampered Chef® Forged Cutlery is available in the following pieces:

• Cutlery Set (meat fork and carving knife)
• 3” Petite Paring Knife
• 3 ˝” Paring Knife
• 5” Boning Knife
• 5” Utility Knife
• 7” Santoku Knife
• 8” Chef’s Knife
• 9” Bread Knife
• Steak Knife Set, four knives with 4˝” blades
• Forged Cutlery Honing Tool

Prices range from $24 for the petite paring knife to $145 for the steak knife set. All Pampered Chef® cutlery is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Pampered Chef® Forged Cutlery is can be ordered online from the catalog, or through an in-home cooking show. For more information, call 800-266-5562 or visit


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