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Are Laminate Countertops Cast On Site Or In The Shop? E-mail
Laminate countertops can be prepared both on site or in a shop. Local manufacturers usually accept direct purchases and can cast your laminate countertop on site for you, especially if you have them custom-made. Store-bought and ready-made countertops, usually made by manufacturers operating nationally or across large regions, are cast in a shop, usually in large numbers for distribution to different dealers and retailers. Also a popular potion is the homemade laminate countertop, which can be prepared and installed on one's own.

On-site casting

On-site casting is usually done for custom-made laminate countertops, and countertops in unusual shapes and sizes, such as those with curved edges or surfaces. Usually, on-site casting is preferred by public or commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels for bars, kitchens, bathrooms, and even tables.

Traditional rectangular countertops have wall supports at the center and on either end. Laminate countertops cast on site are often unusually shaped or cast against unusually shaped walls. In such cases, wall supports need to be placed in different spots. On-site casting services should include custom-made attachment fixtures as well, which are made to hold and fit over the points in the countertop that need the most support. The manufacturer can charge you separately for these fixtures or include them in the package price.

Casting a laminate countertop can take half a day to three days, depending on the size of the countertop and individual specifications. A pure melamine countertop requires slightly longer preparation time than one with a kraft interior. Specific preferences such as surface designs and highly customized shapes can add another day to the casting time.

Shop casting

Laminate countertops cast in a shop are usually designed for home or private use. They come in standard sizes of five by eight or three by six feet, and standard thicknesses of three-fourths, one and a half, and two inches. Some are also made in shapes that match common kitchen styles, such as L-shaped and U-shaped corners and half-moon edges.

One problem with shop-cast laminate countertops is that they can sacrifice quality. The interior of a shop-cast countertop tends to have more hollow spots than custom-made ones, and they are difficult to distinguish just by looking. Usually, you only find out when they have already damaged your countertop.

Making and casting your own countertop

Some kitchens and bathrooms have unusual wall contours, and semi-public lodgings such as apartments or condominiums sometimes have specific rules on installing such fixtures as countertops. If you need a highly customized laminate countertop, you can build your own. You will need a plywood sheet and a couple of melamine sheets, which are easily available at a hardware store. You will also need a strong adhesive and wall supports, which you can buy ready-made or make on your own as well. You can get specific instructions from such websites as Dave's Shop Talk or Hometime.

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