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How To Get Samples Of Laminate Countertops E-mail
It is necessary to get a sample of a laminate countertop first before you purchase one and have it installed in your kitchen right away. You have to evaluate it to make sure its advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the color and texture match your kitchen’s theme, and if it satisfies your kitchen requirements.

To get a sample of a laminate countertop, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit a laminate countertop manufacturer or dealer. To get a listing of laminate countertop manufacturers or dealers in your area, look it up in the Internet or browse through your telephone directory. If you find a manufacturer that you think can give you what you want, call its office or visit its showroom. Once there, you can ask if you can get samples of the laminate countertops the company is selling. Most dealers give out free samples to let their customers decide if they want to buy one or not.

2. If you are already at the dealer's shop, look over the displays and study them carefully. Aside from the actual displays, you can also check out the other laminate countertop models in the dealer’s catalog or brochure. Ask for the actual sample so you can see its true color and pattern. You have to look at each laminate countertop model in the catalog to avoid missing out on anything because there are a lot of countertop models that you can choose from. Most dealers allow you to take the samples home where you can test and evaluate them. You can take home a dozen of laminate countertop samples at a time.

3. If you have already chosen quite a number of samples, start narrowing down your options by evaluating each one carefully. You should at least trim them down to a few choices so you can decide on which one should you order. To test which of the samples really fits your kitchen, post the samples on a wall cabinet and observe them at eye level. This can give you an idea of how the new laminate countertop would look in your kitchen. You can also see if the color and design would complement or enhance your existing cabinets.

4. If judging small pieces of sample laminate countertops makes it difficult for you to arrive at a sound decision, then ask for larger samples. Go back to the store where you got the smaller samples and let the salespeople there know that you have narrowed down your choices. Tell them that you need larger samples to be able to decide which type of laminate countertop you should purchase.

Because laminate countertops come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, getting the actual samples is important and helpful in arriving at a good decision. Do not settle for browsing home improvement magazine or looking at samples in the Internet because pictures can lie. Make sure you get a piece of each color and pattern you want, so you can test and evaluate it for durability, stain resistance, and other considerations.

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