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Since they are very affordable, laminate countertops leave you a lot of room to further customize your kitchen or bathroom counter, better match it with the rest of your home décor, or simply give it more character. For an extra $5 or so per linear foot, you can have your laminate countertop made in the exact shape, color, and design you want. What's more, a fully customized laminate countertop will still cost less than a plain wood or granite one. Some of the features you can customize are edge details, inserts and inlays, and back splash guards.

Edge details

The first decision you will have to make when deciding on an edge detail is whether you want a square or rolled edge. Rolled edges have a smoother look and are safer against bumps, but you will have more detail options with a square edge.

With a rolled edge, you can choose from different curve styles: gentle, steep, wide, and narrow. It is best to balance the curve with the overall length of your countertops'  larger curves for longer counter tops, smaller curves for shorter ones.

If you choose a square edge, you can have patterns carved onto it, such as waves, curls, spirals, or twists. Most dealers will give you a portfolio of patterns to choose from. If you want a custom edge carving, such as a name or logo, you may have to pay more for the added labor.

Inserts and inlays

You can also decorate the edges of your countertop with strips of wood or brass, which can give it a classy, elegant accent. The inlays can be embedded under the laminate or placed on top of the counter itself, in which case they can also guard against spills.

Glass inserts are also a great addition. Bits of colored glass, usually amber, can be inserted in your countertop, either forming a design on one area or scattered throughout the surface. You also have the option of having them inserted under the laminate, which will keep the surface smooth, or letting them slightly stick out of the surface, which can keep items from sliding off the counter.


Backsplashes are waterproof panels attached to the wall where a laminate countertop is placed. They protect the walls against water splashes from the sink or stains from food spills. Manufacturers usually include a standard backsplash in the installation, but you can also adjust the backsplash height according to your preference.

The backsplash is usually in the same pattern as the rest of the countertop to make the surface and the backsplash appear as one piece. When having a backsplash installed, make sure that the seam where the backsplash meets the countertop surface is smooth and leaves no cracks for water to seep in.

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