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There is information scattered all over the Internet about anything, and laminate countertops are no exception. When it comes to maintaining or upgrading a home, there is always something more to learn. Here are some articles on laminate countertops which might be of help.

Countertops: Your Options by

This website features an extremely helpful introductory article about the various countertop materials you can choose from. It has features on laminate, natural stone, engineered stone, quartz and steel countertops, with information on the benefits and drawbacks of each material. On laminate countertops, says that they are versatile and impact-resistant. The website likes that laminate countertops allow homeowners the freedom to design their own countertops, and that they are much easier to install than stone tiling. also lists a few of laminate's drawbacks. They are quick to point out that laminate countertops are less durable than stone or other materials. It recommends the use of laminates for borders instead of entire counter surfaces. This way, homeowners will be able to choose a more durable countertop material without having to pay the full price. Finally, the article provides some helpful maintenance tips, as well as a general price range on laminate countertops, which, according to the website, runs between $5 and $20 per square foot.

Countertops by Better Homes and

This website compares laminate countertops to other countertop materials, including stone, wood, and steel. It weighs the pros and cons of each surfacing material and offers some helpful installation tips. According to them, laminate countertops are stain- and grease-resistant, do not require much maintenance, and are relatively inexpensive.

However, the website goes on to say that if damaged, laminate countertops can be difficult to repair, and are susceptible to damage from knives or hot pans. The website suggests using laminate countertops where it will not incur much wear and tear, such as on coffee tables or bars. It also suggests a price range of between $15 and $60 per square foot, which takes custom designs and specifications into account.

Laminating Beyond the Kitchen and Bath by Mike Ferrara on

This article suggests possible uses for laminate countertops besides the kitchen and bathroom. According to author Mike Ferrara, laminate countertops make great work surfaces for children's rooms, garages, and craft or hobby rooms.

For children's rooms, Ferrara says that laminate countertops are ideal because of its safety compared to harder, heavier countertop materials. A round-edged laminate countertop can prevent children from bumps and bruises. Laminating a door frame or wall is not a bad idea either. Also, the author likes the fact that a virtually unlimited range of designs are available for laminate countertops.

For garages, Ferrara praises laminate countertops for their simple maintenance and easy installation. According to him, garages have become popular home sites to remodel, and present a number of unique challenges. He goes on to say that laminate-clad countertops and other garage furniture is a more price-friendly alternative to garage-specific products, such as working tables.

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