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Size limitations & seams in Laminate Countertops E-mail
There are no size limitations on laminate countertops. In fact, the owner of a prominent manufacturer of laminate countertops had the all the walls, floors and ceilings of his home laminated. Of course, this can cost you a lot, but it is certainly possible.

Price restrictions

The size of your laminate countertop is limited only by your budget. Laminate countertops are usually priced by the square foot. Prices range from as little as $5 to as much as $60 per square foot. Customizations such as irregular shapes and edge details can hike up a laminate countertop's price by as much as $20 per square foot.

Exceptions to the rule

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Yes, you can actually get laminate countertops for an even lower price. Generally, manufacturers will provide what is called a "floor price" for your laminate countertop especially when you need counters bigger than the ordinary. Additional laminate becomes cheaper on a per unit basis, on orders above the floor price. For example, if you want a 25-square foot laminate countertop and choose an intricate, highly decorative surface, which costs $60 per square foot, you may be billed as much as $1,500. However, if the company's floor price is $1,000, it can offer the rest of the order at half price.

How floor-pricing works

Let us stay with our example. To meet the company's floor-price for the area and avail of the discount, given your desired size, you will need to spend more than $40 per square foot. You would need laminate for a little less than 17 square meters, in order to meet the company's floor-price. Let's say, however, that the project exceeded the size needed to meet the company's floor price. An additional eight square feet of laminate was required. Normally, these eight square meters of laminate would cost $480, but because the price of the project exceeded the company floor price, the laminate that normally costs $60 is now $30. You save $260 on your laminate countertop.

A word on seams

Seams along the laminate are the areas most susceptible to moisture seepage. Make sure these seams are kept sealed at all times. Have a supply of sealant handy for resealing when necessary.

Modern laminate countertops have edges that curve into a wall. Commonly called the "cove" design, it creates one-piece protection for gaps between countertops and walls. Ask your contractor or fabricator about cove designs to see if they are a good option for you.

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