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What Colors Are Available For Laminate Countertops? E-mail
Laminate countertops offer an incredible selection of colors, patterns, and textures that can suit your every need and preference. They are marketed under big names such as Formica, Wilsonart, Nevamar, and Pionite, and each company has more than 1,000 laminate countertop colors and designs that you can choose from. Along with their inexpensive cost, the wide color selection is one of the reasons why laminate countertops are appealing to many homeowners worldwide.

Colors of laminate countertops

Laminate countertops come in hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures. They can resemble the appearance of natural, authentic stones including granite, slate, quartz, and marble. Some of the popular laminate countertop colors are white, beige, cream, blue, gray, and black. Wood grains and the stone look are two of the most popular countertop designs that laminate countertops can imitate. The leading brands of laminate countertops come in trademarked colors such as Formica's Poppy Fiesta Bisque, Varnish Crayon, and Cornflower Blue.

Modern and innovative colors are popular among laminate countertop users, but the classic patterns and retro colors are not forgotten also. Two of the popular retro colors for laminate countertops are Atomic Orange and Aqua Boomerang. You can use these colors and patterns if you want a retro theme for your kitchen.

Choosing the right color for your laminate countertop

1. When deciding on the color of your laminate countertop, consider the tone and colors of your kitchen floor, cabinetry, furnishings, and kitchen appliances. Decide if you want your laminate countertop to blend in with or be set apart from them.

2. If you want your laminate countertop to complement the other areas of your kitchen, use neutral colors such as white, beige, cream, and gray. On the other hand, if you want it to be distinctive, get one with a midnight blue, deep green, or granite color.

3. If you have limited eyesight, go for a darker colored laminate countertop. It would make it stand out in your kitchen area especially if it is paired with light-colored cabinets.

4. Because a laminate countertop is not resistant to scratching, the scratches can easily be noticed. Choose the right color for your laminate countertop so you can hide them and make them almost disappear. Scratches and cracks tend to be more obvious on a deep-colored surface, so choose light-colored laminate countertop to hide those imperfections.

Pairing the color of your laminate countertop with an effective finish

To further enhance the appearance of your laminate countertop, make sure its color is complemented by its finish. There are two finish classifications for laminate countertops: matte and shiny finish. A matte finish appears dull and offers less vibrancy. However, it is great in hiding spills and scratches on your countertop. A shiny finish is lustrous and glossy, but easily shows fingerprints and scratches.

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