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Who Chooses Laminate Countertops? E-mail
A laminate countertop is the best choice if you want your countertop to come with the greatest selection of colors and patterns and the lowest possible price. More and more people all over the world are discovering the benefits of getting a laminate countertop. Among these people are:

1.Consumers who want a diverse selection of colors and patterns for their countertops. The leading brands of laminate countertops offer more than 250 color options in their products—colors that range from vibrant and bright pure colors to patterns that imitate the look of wood and natural stone. Laminate countertops are ideal for individuals and homeowners who do not like monotony in their kitchen countertops. Unlike other kitchen countertops that offer only 15 to 100 color options, laminate countertops give consumers a wider choice for patterns and designs to satisfy their needs and requirements.

2.Consumers who need more options for edge style. Because kitchen areas differ from one home to another, kitchen countertops should fit each surface area and match the kitchen design accordingly. With laminate countertops, even the most unique kitchen areas can be installed with attractive countertops. Besides the usual rolled and beveled edges of ordinary countertops, laminate countertops offer other edge styles using wood and solid surface inserts that provide eye-catching and elegant decorative edges.

3.Consumers who want their kitchen countertops to have a flawless appearance.
Only laminate countertops offer seamless installations of cove backsplashes that keep liquid spills from penetrating inside and behind the cabinets.

4.Consumers who are stylish.
Changing the style of laminate countertops is very simple, especially with their low cost and diverse up-to-date colors and patterns. With laminate countertops, you can regularly change the design theme or color scheme of your kitchen without worrying about high costs complicated installations.

5.Consumers who are health conscious and concerned about the safety of their food. Because laminate countertops have a surface that is nonporous, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other microorganisms are less likely to inhabit the surface of the countertops. Preparing food and placing it directly on the surface of laminate countertops would not be harmful. Moreover, laminate countertops are easy to clean. Liquid and sauce spills can come off quickly by wiping the surface down with soft cloth soaked in a water and soap solution. There is also no need to disinfect the surface with antibacterial or chemical cleaning agents.

6.Consumers who want the benefits of visual style, durability, easy maintenance, and low price in one type of kitchen countertop. Laminate countertops are generally durable, easy to clean and maintain, come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and are affordable. Uninstalled and prefabricated laminate countertops usually cost $20 per linear foot while basic installed laminate countertops cost $35 per linear foot.

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