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The True Cost Of Purchasing Marble Countertops E-mail
Marble Kitchen CountertopsMarble countertops are some of the most beautiful stone countertops in the world and are also some of the most expensive because they are highly desirable additions to any home.  The stone used for marble countertops are extracted from a limited number of quarries around the world and the process for turning the stone into a viable countertop material takes precision and skill to retain the natural beauty of the stone.  Many of the properties of marble countertops increase the attraction of placing a marble countertop in the home, but the expense of purchasing and installing the countertop may price these countertops out of consideration for many homeowners.

One of the biggest benefits to choosing a marble countertop for the home is the natural beauty of the stone.  Marble is considered to be one of the most attractive building materials in the world, used throughout the ages in palaces, castles, and mansions and recently being added to the homes of average individuals.  Although the price of a marble countertop is still considered to be one of the most expensive countertop materials on the market today, the price of marble slabs have actually become more affordable in price over the years and some alternative methods have been found that can create a marble countertop for a fraction of the price of the marble slabs.

When a person is choosing a marble countertop for their home, they will have two choices of countertop types to choose from.  The first type of countertop is a countertop made out of large slabs of marble placed onto a special high-strength cabinetry foundation.  Countertops made out of marble slabs are very expensive, but are very strong and will probably last for the rest of the homeowner's lifetime.

The second type of marble countertop that is generally chosen to be placed in a home is a countertop made out of marble tiles.  These marble tiles are glued to a countertop base, which is generally made out of concrete, using a special adhesive and covered with a thick layer of sealant to protect the marble tiles.  These countertops are less expensive because less marble is used in the construction of the countertop, but the tiles can become damaged if enough stress is placed on them and the countertop can be very expensive to repair.

Both types of marble countertops are heat resistant and can withstand the temperature of many hot items, but placing a hot item directly on the surface of the countertop can damage the sealant finish of the countertop resulting in permanent marks being burned into the layer of sealant.  The only way that this can be repaired is by stripping the layer of sealant off of the surface of the countertop and resealing the damaged area, which can cost quite a bit of money if done by a trained professional.  Marble countertops can be a lovely addition to any home, but the expense of creating, installing, and maintaining the countertop deserves careful consideration before deciding to purchase the countertop.

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