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Who Chooses Marble Countertops? E-mail
Anyone who wants to add elegance and class to their home or establishment would do well with a marble countertop. Marble countertops are highly durable, heat resistant, and add beauty and elegance to any room.

Upscale restaurant and business owners

Marble countertops are more recommended for restaurant owners than wood countertops. Setting a plate of warm food on a wooden countertop will only scorch the wood and leave you with no choice but to replace it. On the other hand, marble countertops are highly heat resistant, and are nearly impervious to damage from residual heat. Also, wooden countertops require a lot of maintenance, and if not treated properly, can be prone to rotting and can be unsanitary. Marble countertops are nonorganic, and while they are slightly porous, disinfecting them with store-bought cleanser usually gets rid of most germs and bacteria.

Business owners, on the other hand, will benefit from the air of stature and grace that marble countertops provide. There are few building materials that speak as eloquently of luxury and prestige as marble. The clean lines and delicate coloring of marble create a feel of professionalism and attention to detail, that are sure to stick to the minds of your clients.

Party throwers

You can impress your friends and guests with a marble countertop. Marble countertops will add culture and class to any gathering or event. If you enjoy having your friends over for drinks, coffee, or large parties, marble countertops are the way to go. They can withstand frequent use, can carry heavy containers of food, and are easy to clean up afterwards.

Counters that have nearly rotten through can ruin an otherwise fun evening. Wooden countertops are difficult to clean, and after spending an entire day preparing for your party, the last thing you would want to do is stay up till dawn cleaning up the mess.

With a marble countertop, you can reduce the time you spend cleaning up to fifteen minutes at most. Maintenance is very simple as well. Wiping down the stone with a wet rag and some disinfectant ought to be enough to keep your countertop glowing for a very long time. Having a serviceman over monthly to buff and polish your countertop will also keep it looking great and keep it stain-free.

Maintenance tips

If you think that a marble countertop is right for you, then the next thing you have to think about is keeping it looking new and making sure it lasts a long time. Marble is slightly porous, and if left unclean, a marble countertop can be inhabited by mold and mildew. Spills on your marble countertop ought to be cleaned immediately, and a regular disinfection will also keep your countertop glowing.

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