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One of the newest trends in kitchen countertops today is purchasing a countertop created from recycled glass.  Recycled glass countertops can be a beautiful addition to your home, created with dazzling colors and unique patterns that cannot be found in any other type of product on the market.  There are several manufacturers that create these countertops for the home and the countertop chosen can be one of their basic creations or a customized creation specifically designed to be placed in your home.

A recycled glass countertop is created from 100% recycled glass imbedded in a concrete slab which is then sealed with a thick layer of clear sealant to allow the beauty of the glass to shine through while ensuring that none of the sharp glass edges are exposed that could injury the individuals in the home.  The colors that are present within the countertop will depend on the types of glass that were used to create the countertop, often incorporating many different shades and hues of colored glass within a single countertop. 

Many recycled glass countertops have a unique look to them because of the way that they were manufactured.  The patterns created by the embedded glass in the countertop surface may be deliberate or completely random, depending on the manufacturer’s process for creating the countertops.  The colors of the glass creating the pattern may also be random, with different colors of class appearing in different areas of the countertop for each countertop created.

Recycled glass countertops are extremely durable, which some individuals claiming that its strength is comparable to a countertop made out of granite.  The countertops are heat resistant and are sealed to make them stain resistant and non-porous as well.  These countertops are also resistant to scratches and cracks as well, as long as the countertop is maintained per the manufacture’s instructions.

The maintenance of a recycled glass countertop is fairly easy and can be accomplished in a few minutes each time.  The countertop can be cleaned by using soap and water and wiped using a soft cloth that will not mar the finish of the countertop.  To keep the recycled glass countertop looking beautiful, it can be waxed once per month to provide that gorgeous gleam of the glass and the countertop should be resealed at least every two years to ensure that the countertop is fully protected and will not stain if something is spilled on it.


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