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As you are thinking about remodelling your kitchen, you should think about using a countertop made from green and eco-friendly materials. These days there are many people who are interested in using environmentally friendly products in their kitchens. The countertop is a perfect place to practice eco-friendly living.

Now you can find eco-friendly materials at the same costs as those higher-end materials that are seen in most kitchen showrooms. In many cases, the eco-friendly kitchen countertops are not found in your local improvement store, but you can find them online and order them via the mail.

There are also a number of speciality stores throughout the United States. These stores and businesses are built around green living consumables. As these stores tend to be quite small, you might not have as many options as you would like, but there are still variations to choose from.

The best place to research green countertops is via the Internet. By doing online research you will have a good idea about what is available and then choose from your favourite materials and designs.

Here are some of the eco-friendly materials that you can now choose from for your kitchen.

Concrete is a very low maintenance material that is very easy to have designed into your favourite shape and features. You can decide on the shape and thickness of the countertop, so you have a lot of flexibility with this option.

You might also want to consider recycled glass, as this is a great option. It offers a very colourful finish and provides a very environmentally friendly option. Recycled glass (in any color) can be mixed with cement, concrete or resin base. They can then be colored or stained in order to get the design that you really desire.

You can also choose from different color combinations or painted surfaces. The options are quite limitless as this is a specialty area. If you find a company who undertake this type of work, you can simply supply them with your specification and they will complete the work for you.

Recycled glass is environmentally friendly because is prevents the glass from being sent straight to waste or buried below ground. The cement in the countertop is also mixed with a fly ash, which is another waste product.

You can also find end grain
bamboo kitchen countertops. Bamboo is a great product for eco-countertops because it prevents wood from being used. As bamboo grows much faster than wood, this means it is more renewable.

There are also other recycled materials that can be used for kitchen countertops. For example, you can find them created from recycled paper and then mixed with resin in order to create a solid surface that is warmer than stone.

There are other materials that can be used, so if you have specific product then you can approach a designer and ask them about it. Using these options can give you the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the environment and creating a very unique kitchen countertop.
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