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What Are the Disadvantages of Quartz Countertops? E-mail
ImageEven if they are highly popular among homeowners due to the fact that they resist stains and are durable, quartz countertops do have some disadvantages as well when compared to other kitchen countertops. First, quartz countertops are manufactured by only several companies that use the same manufacturing process with some minor variations.

Zodiaq Quartz Countertop
by DuPont

The resulting quartz countertop is an extremely durable, molded and smooth but its manufacturing process increases the final cost of the quartz countertop. In fact, quartz countertops are expensive as the ones made from granite, yet they do not have the same natural beauty when compared to a granite countertop.

Additionally, a quartz countertop is pretty heavier than granite and this is the main reason why it has to be installed by a professional in order to avoid any accidents. Also, professional help is required in order to minimize possible waste and breakage. This way, the total cost of this professional installation is likely to increase your overall cost of your quartz countertop. When it comes to its appearance, quartz can be blended and molded in a daring attempt to mimic the natural stone appearance but it is not likely to end up with the same appearance as its slabs lack the natural look of other stones.

So, when quartz countertop pieces are brought together in order to form the necessary surface, all the seams will become pretty evident even if they are usually masked with other darker colors. Another disadvantage related to quartz countertops is the fact that a long-term and regular exposure to direct sunlight is very likely to cause serious discoloration of the quartz surface. Also, ongoing exposure to extreme heat and high levels of heat in general are likely to damage your quartz countertop. Chemical substances are also dangerous for a quartz work surface as they can damage it for good.

Despite all their significant benefits, quartz countertops are not likely to add a similar equity as a granite countertop. Even if they are as expensive as granite, they will not have the same value when it comes to upgrading your kitchen and adding extra value to your house. And one last disadvantage: pattern and color options for these kitchen countertops are limited just to the availability provided by the manufacturing process while other countertops made from natural stone can offer virtually every color.      

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