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Why Should I Choose a Silestone Countertop? E-mail
ImageChoosing the right countertop for your kitchen could easily become a confusing and even overwhelming experience. Silestone countertops have become one of the most popular choices among homeowners who choose them for their natural strength and timeless beauty.

Silestone Countertop by SilestoneUSA

Made from natural quartz, Silestone countertops are easily maintained and resilient. Their main properties have elevated these kitchen countertops to the current and enormous popularity – more and more users discover their alluring combination of beauty and strength. Being scratch resistant and durable, quartz lends itself to use in a wide range of household functions. One of the most popular advantages brought by Silestone countertops is their consistency. Also, their colors are quite easy to pick from a wide range of samples.

Silestone countertops are also resistant to stains, mildew, mold and heat thus being one of the best choices you can make for your kitchen space. This material comes in almost 50 different color patterns and you can easily choose a color that can complement your style of kitchen décor. For instance, when looking for the right color for your Silestone countertop, you should use some paint chips that are a representation of your current kitchen’s colors and also a snapshot of the place where you are planning to have your Silestone countertop installed in order to choose a color that works best with your kitchen décor. So, here are the main reasons why you should consider Silestone countertops when planning to update your kitchen space.

First, there is their enhanced durability – Silestone is said to be 4 times harder than granite thus becoming less prone to possible damage during fabrication, installation, transport and daily use. Due to its increased flexural strength, a Silestone countertop can stand up to almost any stress from household objects that are heaped on its surface. Also, slicing or chopping directly on its surface is not going to damage your Silestone countertop.

Heat resistance is another thing you should consider when wondering whether a Silestone countertop is what you are looking for or not. For instance, Silestone countertops are designed to take almost anything from freezing cold tumblers to extremely hot soup pots and, unlike synthetic materials that can easily get burn stains or warp due to extreme temperatures, Silestone will not  display any signs of damage/buckling.

Stain resistance
– this material is engineered in order to keep a wide range of chemicals from penetrating its surface. This way, you will not have to seal and reseal your Silestone countertop as it’s already impervious to staining and spilling.

Scratch resistance – your Silestone countertop is guaranteed to withstand scratches from various household utensils and you can expect this surface to look as new even after several years of constant use. The natural luster of a Silestone countertop is caused by all the natural quartz minerals that can be found in its structure – you are not likely to find this amazing luster in the case of other countertops made from synthetic materials as they cannot duplicate it.          

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