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Are Soapstone Countertops Cast on Site or in the Shop? E-mail
Soapstone countertops are made up of soapstone slabs that are quarried all over the world like in Brazil, the United States, Canada, Chile, India, and Finland, and they can be bought from hundreds of manufacturers and resellers. Depending on your location, soapstone countertops can be bought from first-hand manufactures or soapstone countertop resellers.

Buying soapstone countertops from first-hand manufacturers and resellers both have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the factors that affect where consumers buy their soapstone countertops include proximity from the seller, budget constraints, and the variety of product choices.

First-hand manufacturers usually have their own quarries or buy their supply of soapstone slabs from reputable quarries all over the world. These manufacturers are mainly made up of professional builders, architects, and landscaping artists who provide personalized service to their clients. They do everything from soapstone slab sourcing, to calculating the countertop measurements, to the actual building and installation of the countertops.

The resellers are usually those who purchase the products of first-hand manufacturers and resell them to consumers. They have a diverse product line, selling both local and foreign soapstone countertop materials. Resellers hardly source out the raw materials used in building countertops since they usually sell finished products.

Soapstone countertops from first-hand manufacturers

Consumers who purchase their soapstone countertops from first-hand manufacturers usually get the most out of what they pay for. With first-hand manufacturers, the consumers can be involved in every step of the soapstone countertop manufacturing process because they are given the freedom to customize their countertops. These manufacturers have showrooms where they feature their product lines and where consumers can see the finished soapstone countertops before having them built.

First-hand manufacturers provide the consumers with initial quotations and estimates, so the consumers can check if their dream soapstone countertop fits their budget. Also, they give the consumers choices in color, density, thickness, hardness, countertop edges, and backsplashes to allow them to customize their soapstone countertop.

The role of first-hand manufacturers does not stop after the installation process because they still orient the new soapstone countertop owners on its proper care and maintenance. The new owners can even contact the manufacturers in case they encounter any problems with their countertops. This customer service is rarely offered by resellers.

Soapstone countertops from resellers

Consumers who purchase their soapstone countertops from resellers often spend more than if they had gone to first-hand manufacturers. What most consumers do not know is that resellers usually purchase their products from these existing manufacturers and resell them at a higher price. The soapstone countertops purchased from resellers offer less customization because resellers normally do not tamper with their products' finished look. But buying soapstone countertops from resellers can be convenient for those who have no access to nearby first-hand manufacturers. Despite the added cost, some consumers prefer to buy from resellers because they do not have to go a long way and spend a lot of time hunting down first-hand manufacturers.

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