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Cutting and Scratching on Soapstone Countertops E-mail
Soapstone countertops have a soft, powdery surface, which makes them prone to blemishes on the surface. This is, in fact, one of their weak points. Scratches, cuts, chips, and dents have ruined the look of many otherwise elegant soapstone countertops.

Causes of scratching or cutting

Soapstone countertops will not cut or scratch by themselves. Cuts and scratches are usually caused by misuse, such as scrubbing with abrasive materials and cutting with sharp objects such as knives or picks. Soapstone countertops located outdoors are also more likely to incur surface damage, usually from rocks and twigs, as well as small animals like squirrels and birds.

Removing scratches and cuts

Fortunately, must cuts and scratches on a soapstone countertop can be removed without much effort. A few drops of mineral oil will cover up the damage most of the time, although it cannot completely remove the scratch or cut. To remove deeper scratches and cuts, sand them away with a sanding sponge or 80 grit sandpaper. Of course, more aggressive sanding is required for deeper scratches, but always maintain light to medium pressure. Hard scrubbing can further damage the countertop.

After sanding, apply a light coat of mineral oil over the sanded area. Apply this coat two to three times a day for a period of two to three days. This will restore the color of the sanded area to match the rest of the countertop. Limit your oil application to a few drops too much mineral oil will cause dark stains that are hard to remove.

Preventing scratches and cuts

Always apply mineral oil on a soapstone countertop to reduce the chances of scratches and cuts appearing on the surface. Remember to place these oils after installation so you do not need to worry about cuts and scratches in the future. These mineral oils can be purchased in your local pharmacy or from the manufacturers and retailers of soapstone countertops. Aside from acting as a protective layer for your soapstone countertop, these oils are able to enhance the look of your countertop.

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