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Finding The Right Soapstone Countertop For Your Home E-mail
ImageSoapstone countertops are some of the most unique types of countertops available for homes today.  The soft nature of the soapstone allows the countertop to be carved into fanciful shapes with highly detailed edging, making them some of the most beautiful types of countertops available.  If a homeowner is interested in a countertop that will spark conversation and be a decorative piece for the kitchen area, then they may want to consider purchasing a soapstone countertop.

Soapstone countertops are traditionally gray in color, but this color can range from dark to light and often has small flecks of other colors present within the stone.  Soapstone countertops are made out of slabs, much like countertops made out of granite or marble, and the homeowner can choose the thickness of the slabs used to create their countertop.  These countertops are generally special ordered directly from a manufacturer and created at the manufacturing plant, then professionally installed in the home by trained professionals.

The properties of the soapstone countertop make these types of countertops very attractive to homeowners.  Because the countertops are made out of natural stone, they are naturally heat resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant to almost any object that could come into contact with the countertop.  These countertops are also resistant to chips and breakage, making them virtually indestructible and ensuring that they will last in the home for a long period of time.

When trying to find the right type of soapstone countertop for the home, it is important to keep a few things in mind.  The first thing to consider is whether the countertop will be chosen to match the kitchen décor or whether the kitchen décor will be chosen to complement the soapstone countertop.  Because of the expense of obtaining the countertop and having it installed, it is recommended that the countertop be chosen first and the rest of the kitchen décor can modified to complement the countertop that was chosen.

A soapstone countertop should not be chosen for the home if the homeowner is unwilling or unable to perform the regular maintenance required to keep the soapstone countertop looking its best.  The countertop will need to be cleaned regularly to preserve its appearance and will need to be treated with oil several times each year to protect the stone and create its signature gleam.  Mineral oil is the type of oil most often used for treating a soapstone countertop, but the manufacturer will inform the homeowner of the product that they recommend for treating the countertop properly.

Cleaning the soapstone countertop is another chore that will need to be done carefully to ensure that the stone is not damaged from the cleaning.  Harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive cleaning agents are not recommended for use when cleaning soapstone because they can scratch and discolor the surface of the countertop, marring the beautiful finish of the natural stone.  Because these types of countertops are not usually sealed beneath a layer of clear sealant, the surface of the countertop is exposed to any damaging element that is placed on the countertop.
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