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How to Get Samples of Soapstone Countertops? E-mail
Samples of soapstone countertops can be obtained directly from the builders and resellers. You can also get them through registered mail and online.

Getting soapstone countertop samples directly from builders

Some samples can be usually obtained from countertop builders and manufacturers. To avail of the samples, you can visit their showroom near your area and personally ask for them. The showrooms feature the manufacturer's product lines including the soapstone countertop models that you can see and touch. The main advantage of personally visiting the manufacturers for samples is that you can ask all the questions you have about soapstone countertops and get answers right away.

Getting soapstone countertop samples directly from resellers

If first-hand soapstone countertop builders do not have offices or showrooms that are accessible in your area, then look for resellers. Resellers sell soapstone countertops that are made by different brands and manufacturers. This selection allows you to choose the manufacturers where you want to get samples from. Consult your nearest reseller on how to get samples from the brands they carry. The reseller can give you a list of their manufacturers and their contact information. You can use this information to inquire about getting samples of their products.

Getting soapstone countertop samples through registered mail

Some soapstone countertop manufacturers provide samples through mail. You can have soapstone countertop samples sent to your address by getting their soapstone countertop catalogs or brochures. These catalogs contain photos, the features of each soapstone countertop, specifications, and their price range. Some catalogs come with forms that you can fill out to get free samples. However, some manufacturers charge a certain fee for ordering samples, so clear this up before ordering.

Getting soapstone countertop samples online

You can also get soapstone countertop samples by visiting a manufacturer's website. These websites contain all the information you need about their soapstone countertop products and how to order them. Some manufacturer websites even contain special e-mail systems that you can use to send in your questions or concerns.

Some soapstone countertop manufacturer websites also allow you to request for quotations and estimates. The estimates page on the website requires you to fill out a form and give some relevant personal information like your name, e-mail address, mailing address, the specific dimensions of your kitchen or desired countertop, and the type of soapstone you want to use.

Soapstone countertop manufacturers also give you the chance to order samples online. You can browse through their selection, choose the sample or samples you want to get, fill out the necessary mailing and billing information, and wait until you receive the samples you have ordered. You can be charged with shipping and handling fee, so clear this up before ordering samples online.

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