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Size Limitations - Seams in Soapstone Countertops E-mail
When purchasing a soapstone countertop, one of the first things you need to consider is the size. The size of the countertop you need will determine how much money you should set aside and how much space you should allot in your kitchen for the countertop to be installed. The wrong size of countertop can result in a room sorely lacking in balance, and a badly supported countertop that can pose structural hazards in your home.

Small homes

Owners of small homes usually place soapstone countertops in their kitchens. Depending on the design, these countertops could be placed against the wall as a working area, or at the center of the room to serve as an island. It is rarely advisable to have a soapstone countertop that spans an entire wall of the house. This is not only expensive, but can cause problems in installation. For a kitchen 20 by 20 feet in size, the ideal countertop is about 7 feet long. This will give you adequate working space as well as enough room left for a working table and all of your kitchen equipment.

Large homes

If you have a large home, you will have more room to fit a much longer and wider countertop. You also have the option of placing your countertop against a wall or in the middle of the room. If you are planning to place the countertop against a wall, be sure to leave at least one centimeter between the wall and the countertop. This will make room for expanding and contracting, which can happen in extremely hot or extremely cold weather.

Be sure to seam your slabs together with heavy-duty epoxy sealants. Soapstone is very heavy, and you need very strong adhesives to hold them together.

Commercial establishments

Soapstone countertops for commercial establishments, such as bars and restaurants, should be large enough to accommodate dozens of customers at once. For a bar 30 feet across, 10 to 15 feet of countertop should be in proportion with the rest of the room.

Remember, though, that some soapstone countertop manufacturers charge more for installing in commercial establishments than in homes. This is because they need different state permits to do so than what is required for home installations. However, you usually get better warranty terms with a commercial soapstone countertop, since they are expected to take more wear and tear than home countertops.

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