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Are solid surface countertops cast on site or in the shop? E-mail
Solid surface countertops are made of different synthetic materials like polymers, polyester, acrylic, and other plastics. Solid surface countertops are generally cast in the shop and molded into standard sizes and shapes ready for selling.  However, they can also come in do-it-yourself kits that you can install yourself, but only if you are experienced.  Preferably, they should be installed by professional builders. Solid surface countertops are versatile; they can be custom made and cast in unique shapes and sizes.

Prefabricated solid surface countertops

Prefabricated solid surface countertops have a thickness of 1 inch and 1 inch. Precast sinks and cutting boards with hole specifications and draining systems specifically made for the standardized precast solid surface countertops are also available for installation. The specifications are necessary to determine the span and weight-bearing capability of the countertops. These countertops come with a wider variety of custom edge treatments and inlays accentuating the front edge. It is your solid surface countertop fabricators job to measure the cabinet run and make cardboard templates of complex areas curves if they apply. Getting the help of professional builders can assure you of an accurate fit of your solid surface countertop.

Do-it-yourself solid surface countertops

If you have the necessary experience to install a solid surface countertop, you can purchase solid surface polymers that are sold in sheets and can be cut into preferred sizes and shapes. They can be shaped and cut by most woodworking tools like jig saws, drills, and routers; but carbide-tipped cutting tools are ideal. The solid surface sheets are dense and hard, and working on them is a lot like working on hard, straight grained wood like maple.

Setting up your own solid surface countertop is a lot of hard work and requires a lot of patience. Eye protection is necessary to protect yourself from flying chips. An instruction manual is available, and it comes with the purchase of the solid surface sheet. Make sure that you follow all instructions to the letter to preserve the beauty of the solid surface material. The good thing about the solid surface sheet is that it has a solid surface. It does not require joining together at the seams, and it provides a smooth and clean uniformed surface. However, some instances can arise when you have to connect the seams of two solid surface sheets. If you have to do this, buy a special seam kit from your material supplier. The process of closing the seams is similar to using epoxy. When it is done the right way, the seams can become flawless and almost undetectable. can help you to create your own solid surface countertop. You can get the material and kit that contains everything you need to make your own countertop by submitting your plan drawings and cabinet dimensions to the website. You can also submit your color and pattern preference to fully customize your project.
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