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How do I get samples of solid surface countertops? E-mail
Many people opt to buy samples of solid surface countertop materials and patterns before buying an actual countertop. These help them better decide on the type of countertop that looks and feels best with the rest of their home decor. You can also show the samples to your interior designer or contractor so that you can make a more informed decision. Solid surface countertop samples can be bought online, from retailers, or from manufacturers.


Online ordering is very convenient. It saves you a lot of time and spares you the burden of personally visiting a number of dealers in search of the perfect countertop. Many manufacturers of solid surface countertops offer online catalogs which you can print out. Of course, these will tell you only how a countertop looks, but not its texture. For a more complete selection, you can order samples straight from the website. Many manufacturers' websites include important information such as the prices, available sizes. and color palettes.


One of the best places to find samples of solid surface countertops are hardware and home supply stores. The dealer's office is usually inside the store, where you can personally ask for samples. The main advantage of going to retailers over online ordering is that you get the samples immediately, whereas with an online dealer you may have to wait a day or two. You also avoid such problems as shipping problems and shipping cost complications.

A retailer will usually present you with a set of different colors, textures, and shapes with the corresponding prices indicated. These samples are usually for display purposes only, but you can get a brochure with small samples inside. These brochures may free or for sale. Most retailers classify samples according to brand or manufacturer.

Going to retailers for countertop samples can be tedious, since you have to go to a number of different retailers to get a good selection. To save time and money, you can list some of your preferred brands and limit your requests to these brands.


You can also get samples straight from the manufacturers. Of course, not all manufacturers have offices easily accessible to you, so your choices may be limited. Take this option if you have one or two specific manufacturers in mind, but not if your idea is still very general. Most manufacturers will sell brochures for a lower price than retailers.
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