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Solid surface countertops are made of modified polyester with resin or acrylic and alumina trihydrate. These elements are not impervious to high heat, so solid surface countertops still have a tendency to melt and warp. Precautions to protect the surface from heat should still be taken. For the most part, they can withstand moderately high temperatures. However, it is still highly recommended not to place hot pans on the surface, or exposure it to direct heat because it can crack or scorch.


When having your solid surface countertop installed, make sure it is not placed too closely to a high heat-producing appliance like the oven or grill. If it is installed near a high heat-producing appliance, then expect the surface of your countertop to warp or even scorch. Remember that your solid surface countertop should be installed by professional builders to avoid costly mistakes like this. Solid surface countertops can be quite complicated to make, and trained people with special skills are required to install them.


Never use electric skillets and crock pots directly over your solid surface countertop to avoid damaging it. Also, do not place a hot pan on the surface because it can burn it. It is highly advisable to use trivets or hot pads when placing hot pans down on the countertop. You can also make use of cooktop cutouts or make decorative trivets from the scrap material left over from the sink installation as protective covers.

Sun exposure

Although it is made to be heat resistant, the UV rays from too much sun exposure can discolor your solid surface countertops over time. Make sure you place curtains or blinds on your kitchen windows so that the sun does not directly shine on your countertop all the time.


Burn marks on your solid surface countertop can easily be removed. To remove cigarette burns, sand the surface and polish it with a brush and cleaner. Big or extensive can be harder or even impossible to remove. However, you can still salvage your solid surface countertop by going to your manufacturer or dealer and ask if there is still something you can do about the burns. Your manufacturer can advise you to try sanding the affected area to see if the burn mark can be removed. If not, then he can advise you to use to a special buffer and polisher to remove it and make it look like new again.

Removing burn marks and stains on your solid surface countertop is easy. Prevention is still the key, however, in retaining your countertops flawless and smooth surface. Clean the surface regularly, and do not let stains or burn marks be left unattended for too long. These are the things that you can do to protect your solid surface countertop and make it last long.
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