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Solid surface countertops offer many options for shape, size, and design. They are possibly the most versatile of all countertops when it comes to design options. They can imitate almost any natural surface without looking like an imitation. The fabrication of solid surface countertops varies depending on the brand or the manufacturer.

Brand options

The original solid surface countertops were made by DuPont using plastic and synthetic materials mixed together to form smooth, stone-like surfaces. DuPont popularized the Corian brand of solid surface countertops. Many countertop manufacturers followed suit and based their designs on the DuPont material. Most of the solid surface materials sold today look like Corian replicas. Silestone is another solid surface countertop manufacturer. It incorporates granite and crystals with polyurethane synthetic materials to achieve a more genuine natural stone look. The other popular solid surface countertop brands include LG Hi Macs by LG Chem, Aristech Acrylics' Avonite Surfaces, Hudson Surfaces' Mystera, Eos Surfaces, Wilsonart's Gibraltar and Earthstone labels, Chemcore Industries' Dova, Formica brand solid surfacing, Samsung's Staron, and Fountainhead.


Solid surface countertops have a thickness of one-fourth inch to three-fourths of an inch.The thickness actually depends on the size of the counter. The countertops for small counters like kitchen islands are moderately thick, while countertops for the sink area are thicker because they require more hold. Thicker solid surface countertops are more expensive, but they are stronger and can last longer as well.


Solid surface countertops can have a matt, gloss, or semi-gloss finish. The kind of finish depends on what look you want for your kitchen. A glossy finish can make your kitchen look bright and clean. A matte finish can make it look more professional, yet rustic and homey as well. A semi-gloss finish can make your kitchen look homey and clean.


Since solid surface countertops are made of synthetic materials. They have a uniform pattern, color, and design all throughout the surface. They are man made so they can be modified into almost anything. There are many design options for solid surface countertops. They can imitate granite, steel, marble, and even wood. They are made of modified polyester or acrylic with alumina trihydrate, a filler that can be made into any type of color pigment. Particles can also be added to solid surface countertops to give them a veined, mottled, or textured look. They can imitate the speckles of almost any type granite and the veins and swirls of almost any type of marble. Since they are machinable, they can be cut into any shape and size imaginable and can come with all types of edges. They can feature molded sinks that are seamed directly to their surface with no caulks or gaps. They can also be installed with built-in backlashes.
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