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How to Avoid Mistakes When Installing a Stainless Steel Countertop E-mail
Stainless steel countertops look flawless, smooth, and shiny, but they would not look that way if they are not installed properly. The proper installation of stainless steel countertops can ensure their durability and long service. So whether you want to install it yourself or have it done by professional builders, take note of these tips on how to avoid mistakes when installing stainless steel countertops.

Before installation

Even before you install your stainless steel countertop, there are some things that you should do first.

1. Talk to your local fabricator about the kind of steel that is going to be used for your countertop. The chemical breakdown of stainless steel should be at least 5% chromium for every 90% iron and 5% carbon. Stainless steel with higher chromium content is also available, but it is usually used for industrial or commercial purposes. It can be very expensive, too.

2. Take accurate measurements of the surface you want to cover. Stainless steel countertops are sold by square foot. If your measurements are wrong, you can end up either paying too much or not having enough steel to cover your surface.
3. Stainless steel is an expensive countertop material, and not everyone can afford to have a stainless steel countertop done. What most people do is they have the surface covered in stainless steel but use a different and cheaper material for the borders. Make sure to account for this, if this is what you intend to do.

During installation

1. While you are installing your countertop, make sure it fits flush to the walls bordering it. Even the smallest gap in the seam can allow moisture to seep in and eventually damage your countertop. Most people choose to seal the seams with rubberized sealant to prevent molds and mildew from growing in the seams. Rubberized sealants are readily available at hardware stores.
2. If you are welding your countertop to a base, keep inflammable items away from the spot you are welding. Welding causes sparks to fly, and if they fall on paper or polyester then your entire house can catch fire.
3. Be very careful not to scratch your countertop while you are installing it. This can ruin your countertop’s finish and expose it to other hazards as well.

After installation

1. Clean up any mess you have made during installation. Installing a stainless steel countertop onto a set base can leave behind remnants of adhesive, sealant, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Be sure to gather them up and toss them in the trash.
2. Clean your stainless steel countertop carefully after it has been installed because particles of wood, metal, or plaster can collect on the surface during installation. Pick up the pieces to avoid scratching the surface.

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