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Stainless Steel Countertop CareStainless steel countertops have long been a staple of professional kitchens because of the ease of maintaining the countertop and the beneficial properties of the countertop for professional use.  The countertops are very durable and have been known to last in excellent condition for a long period of time after installation when the proper maintenance is performed.  The countertop is also non-porous so they are easily cleaned and do not have areas where mold and bacteria can grow.

Stainless steel countertops are some of the easiest countertops to maintain and take the least amount of time to care for properly. Keeping the countertop clean can be accomplished by washing the surface of the countertop with soap and water after each use to remove any particles of food that may remain.  Washing the surface of the countertop will only take a few minutes of the homeowner’s time each day and will prevent damage due to neglect from occurring.

Stainless steel is nearly impossible to stain and do not rust easily, but the finish of the countertop can be marked by a number of different items that will detract from the appearance of the countertop.  Fingerprints show up on the shiny surface of the countertop quite clearly, giving the appearance that the countertop is dirty.  If water is left on the surface of the countertop to dry, it could result in water spots appearing on the countertop.  Fingerprints and water spots will not harm the surface of the countertop, but if the homeowner wants the appearance of the countertop to be perfect, then they will have to clean and dry the countertop on a regular basis to keep the countertop looking new.

To keep the stainless steel countertop in excellent condition, it is important to avoid scratching the surface of the countertop.  Because the surface of a stainless steel countertop is shiny and reflective, any scratches on the surface of the countertop may be very noticeable and difficult to remove from the countertop surface.  Items that may scratch the surface of the countertop include scouring pads, scrubber sponges, knives, and items that contain steel wool.

The homeowner should be careful to avoid dropping heavy items on the surface of the countertop because it can result in the countertop becoming dented.  In some cases, these dents can be removed by carefully maneuvering the metal material back into place, but sometimes the dents cannot be removed without further damaging the countertop.  Trying to force the metal back into place can result in the metal splitting or breaking which is nearly impossible for the homeowner to fix without the assistance of a trained professional.  Although a stainless steel countertop is considered to be one of the most durable types of countertop available for purchase, it can still be irreparably damaged by neglect and abuse.
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